How to Pack a Suit & Not Wrinkle It! - A Hand Tailored Suit

How to Pack a Suit & Not Wrinkle It!

When it comes to creating garments for customers who are travelling on the train or abroad with their new pieces (a wedding abroad for example), we are asked the question:

How can I pack my suit and transport it without wrinkling it?

If this question currently applies to you and you're getting ready to travel with your new suit, not to worry! We've put together a video guide on how to pack and go from some of the experts in the industry! After watching these demonstrations, you'll feel ready to bring your suit wherever you go!

Video 1) - Folding the suit ready for packing

Video 2) - Folding a suit and shirt ready for packing

Video 3) - Folding your garments and packing your suitcase ready for your trip!

An Expert Tip  

Using the protective plastic cover from your dry cleaning, place your folded jacket in the top of the bag where the hangers are typically gathered. Lay this on top of the outstretched trousers. The plastic will keep the fabric from rubbing against itself and causing wrinkles.

And that is how you can perfectly fold your suit ready for travel and not wrinkle it! Once you've arrived at your destination, your suit is ready to wear!

Any other questions? We're here to help!

We're hoping these videos will help you when it's time to pack your bespoke garments in your luggage bag. After all, bespoke tailoring is made to last and look sleek all the time!

If you have any questions regarding our bespoke garments, you can visit our dedicated FAQ page here. You can also visit our "How To" guides on our blog or you can contact our tailoring team with your queries! We're more than happy to help you on your bespoke tailoring journey!