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The Fashion of Linnet Doyle in "Death on the Nile"

Linnet Doyle, also known as Linnet Ridgeway, played by Gal Gadot.

She captured the attention of a room as she walked in and was the one to steal the heart of Simon Doyle in the latest Agatha Christie blockbuster, "Death on the Nile", set in 1937. The fashions of the 1930's were certainly glamorous, and the character of Linnet Doyle really encapsulated that. Let's take a look at three of her elegant outfits that were worn in the film.

Outfit #1

In the opening scene, Linnet enters a jazz club in London in a stunning silver evening gown that lends itself perfectly to the Art Deco era that encapsulated the 1930's, immediately conveying her wealth. The neckline a V-shape across the top of the dress (otherwise known as a Queen Anne neckline) leads down into the fitted silhouette of the dress, before flaring out with chiffon flounces that are inserted in the skirt for extra movement. Underneath the spotlights on the dance floor, the dress most definitely shone brightly whilst conveying elegance. The subtle shoulder caps of the neckline create a era of confidence the character has. The dress is fastened on the back of the bodice with matching buttons whilst the shoulders lead into a draped cowl back.

 Outfit #2

Embarking into the warmer climate of Egypt meant switching the silver silk for something more lightweight and practical to keep cool in the heat. As Linnet and Simon walk through a busy market, she opts for a blush pink blouse that's tucked into a white skirt, accessorising with a complementing pink bag and black belt across the waist. The blouse has a V-neck and a revere collar which is outlined with subtle embroidery or embellishment on the collar. The sleeves fall to just above the elbow joint and are finished with turn-up hems to help keep cool in the climate. The outfit is simplistic yet elegant as the skirt is designed with a centre pleated or striped panel for added texture and decoration, a subtle way of creating a sophisticated ensemble.

Outfit #3

Along with the rest of the "Death on the Nile" cast, Linnet's first outfit on the SS Karnak cruising along the Nile river is an all-white ensemble, consisting of a lightweight blouse and white pencil skirt. The blouse features a subtle repeated pattern/check design running throughout the cloth, a design that is broken up by thick white stripes or panels placed symmetrically either side of the centre front. Four of them run down from the collar which stands tall, also outlining the V-neck to the blouse. The white lines run over the shoulders to under the arms whilst also highlighting a layered shoulder to provide a subtle structure to the delicate sleeves. The skirt sits on the waist with the waistband a suitable height, as the skirt is broken up into matte and sheer panels, matching the design of the shirt for a cohesive and once more, elegant look for the wealthy heiress.

What was your favourite attire of Linnet Doyle? Be sure to check back on our blog for more classic and of course, sharp tailored attires from the cast of "Death on the Nile".

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