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What Should You Wear To The Races?


Cheltenham Racecourse is one of the most famous horse racing venues in the world. The course, which was established in 1832, hosts three annual festivals: The Festival (March), The National Hunt Festival (December) and Ladies Day (May).
The Cheltenham Festival takes place over four days each year at this beautiful venue and attracts thousands of people from all over the world who come to watch some of the biggest races in Europe take place. In addition to these events, there are also many other races throughout the year which help keep Cheltenham Racecourse busy throughout its calendar year.
If you're planning on attending any of these races then it's important that you dress appropriately so as not to stand out from those around you or cause offence by wearing something inappropriate!

What to Wear for the Races

The Cheltenham Racecourse dress code is very relaxed, so you can wear almost anything. However, it's important to remember that this is a formal event and there will be lots of people in attendance who are looking their best. If you want to make an impression at the races, consider wearing something smart but not too formal.
If you're unsure about what type of outfit would be appropriate for Cheltenham Racecourse, here are some suggestions:

  • Men: A dark suit with a shirt and tie should suffice; however, if your office allows casual Fridays then jeans may work as well! Just make sure they're clean!

Men's Attire

  • Suits: The most formal option, a suit is an excellent choice for the races. You don't have to wear a traditional three-piece suit (although it's perfectly acceptable), but keep things simple with dark colors and minimal patterns.

  • Blazers: If you're looking for something less formal than a full-blown suit, try pairing a blazer with chinos or jeans instead of trousers. The key here is not to wear anything too flashy--you want people to see your outfit as sophisticated rather than costumey!

  • Trousers: Your best bet when dressing for Cheltenham is probably going to be plain black dress pants in wool or cotton twill fabric; these will work equally well at any event where you need some extra warmth during wintertime months like December through February when this race takes place each year!

Women's Attire

  • Dresses

    Dresses are a great option for the races. They're comfortable and easy to wear, but they can also look stylish with the right accessories. If you want to go for something more formal, try a long dress with heels or flats. For something more casual and relaxed, go for a knee-length or above-the-knee dress in your favourite colour or print!

Styling Tips

  • Accessorize.

  • Color Schemes.

  • Trends


  • Men should wear smart shoes.

  • Women can wear casual shoes, but it's best to avoid flip flops or sandals.


The weather at Cheltenham Racecourse can be unpredictable. In fact, it's not uncommon for the temperature to drop below freezing in March and April. That's why it's important to pack your outerwear before heading out on race day.
For men, a classic trench coat is always appropriate and will keep you warm from head-to-toe during those chilly mornings on the grounds. For women, there are plenty of stylish options available as well--from oversized wool coats to fur hoodies and faux shearling jackets--so don't worry about looking like an old lady!

Hats & Fascinators

If you're looking for a hat or fascinator, there are plenty of options available at Cheltenham Racecourse. The most popular choice is the traditional bowler hat, which is available in a variety of colours and styles. You can also choose from top hats, panama hats and even straw boaters if you want something more summery!
There are also some great vintage-inspired designs available that will add some extra flair to your outfit - think hats with feathers or flowers attached! If none of these appeal to you then we recommend choosing something bright coloured instead; this will help make sure people notice what an amazing outfit you've got on!




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