A View To A Kill - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

A View To A Kill - Shaken and Not Stirred

Good morning 007.

You've arrived from Siberia I see and were able to retrieve the microchip from the snowy surroundings you experienced. Glad to see the cold didn't trouble you but of course, it's time to break the ice with another mission. The retrieval of this microchip has proved vital indeed.

The Mission

The microchip is an exact replica of one designed to withstand a magnetic pulse that can make everything with a chip useless. We've tracked the contractor to Zorin Industries, owned by Max Zorin. He is attending Ascot Racecourse to watch his horse Pegasus and a very quick horse at that, as reported by fellow MI6 agent and horse trainer, Sir Godfrey Tibbett. It seems Zorin has a microchip implanted into Pegasus and with a perfectly disguised remote transmitter, extra steroids are released into the horse to overcome fatigue and win his races. Pose as Mr. St. John Smythe at a horse sale at his Paris chateau informed by French detective, Aubergine. Be discreet 007 but also be aware of his bodyguard, May Day. This may be race fixing at its best 007, but that is not all Zorin has planned. Travel to San Francisco to meet CIA agent Chuck Lee, who knows of an oil rig Zorin owns. No doubt Zorin will be there, a perfect opportunity to discover his final plan: Intel reports he will become the sole dominator of the microchip industry by submerging Silicon Valley. He will destroy the mines underneath the Hayward and San Andreas faults, flooding the valley whilst another bomb halts a geological lock, preventing the faults moving at the same time. It's reported Zorin wishes to purchase an oil business passed down to a Miss. Stacey Sutton, state geologist, for a substantial amount. She is determined not to sell, but her knowledge will prove vital towards stopping Zorin.

Your mission: Prevent Zorin from being the leader in the microchip market and stop Silicon Valley being destroyed for the purpose of domination. Greed cannot win. This is a race we must win, not Zorin.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

From Paris to San Francisco, not to fret about your mission wardrobe, Bond:

1) Dinner Attire

I believe you're spoilt for choice with your dinner attire 007. You have a classic peak lapel black dinner suit (double-breasted of course) and a favourite of yours: the ivory dinner jacket with satin-striped trousers. The jacket features notch lapels but still the classic single-button fastening and thin double jet pockets.

2) "Mr St. John Smythe"

Well, as "Mr. St. John Smythe" you have a few sharp ensembles, including a brown tweed jacket with three flapped pockets and a 2-button fastening on the front. Soft shoulders to match the texture of the jacket, paired with brown jodhpurs and cream tie, you have a single vent on the back - a practical choice for riding horseback at the chateau if it's required.

3) Sharp Tailoring

We really are spoiling you for tailoring this mission 007, and a tan two-piece suit paired with a cream shirt and striped tie with navy and white accents. Flapped pockets, notch lapels, two-button fastening and double vent will be on the jacket, as per your style.

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4) Play It Casual

The blouson jacket is proving a preferred style with you Bond, so you have two choices: a grey suede option with shoulder epaulettes which works well with a white striped shirts and grey trousers, or a brown leather option with a zip fastening and vertical pockets.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


It is vital you know who you to look 007, so here are your potential encounters:

Max Zorin

Head of Zorin Industries and also one who is keen on looking sharp too. His attire may include a few grey pieces, either single or double-breasted and styled with red accessories. When attending his sale at his chateau, he will be wearing a double-breasted black tie suit (six-button front) with contrasting peak lapels, pleated dress shirt and double jet pockets. He'll be exposing a little of his shirt cuff underneath.

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May Day

Zorin's bodyguard who is also in love with him. She is strong and her style is too, opting for either a black pinstripe power skirt suit with notch lapels and a belt styled round her waist, a sharp red suit for Ascot, or a black leather jacket with a fabric hood draped round her - a noticeable style across her attire. 

Miss. Stacey Sutton

State geologist and owner of Sutton Oil as passed down to her. Her style is elegant as you may encounter her wearing a blue/purple toned pleated floor-length dress with spaghetti straps and matching waistband. She may also opt for a long white power shoulder top with matching skirt and a belt round the waist for the power shoulder silhouette of the time.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Now pay attention 007. I really do not want more of my creations going missing or worse, coming back in pieces:

Sunglasses and Ring Camera: The forecast appears to be lovely when you are at Zorin's chateau 007, and sunglasses are always a necessity. Should you need to, we've built in a feature to remove glare from windows to ensure you can see exactly what Zorin is up to if you find yourself not able to enter a room easily yourself. The ring camera is also a stylish choice, but also to capture anyone who is worth investigating further.

Shaver Scanner, Recording Device: It's always handy to pack a shaver when travelling 007, or when you need to scan for bugs in your room at Zorin's chateau, as well as a recording device to play in the room whilst you investigate his premises.

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Now as "Mr. St. John Smythe", we felt it suitable to provide you with a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II - but Sir Godfrey Tibbett shall be driving it Bond, not you. At least we can guarantee a car that shall remain intact... your track record of destroying cars is vastly impressive 007!

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We're pressed for time 007. You have exactly 35 minutes to get properly dressed for Ascot, with an all-grey morning suit and top hat. We must not lose eyes off Zorin. A man like him surely isn't taking a day off to see the races. Be prepared for unexpected encounters on this mission, 007: the former KGB agent is retaliating against them with his plan, so they are after him as much as us.

You have your license to kill 007, now you just need A View To A Kill. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007.