Best Dressed Bond at A Hand Tailored Suit - A Hand Tailored Suit

Best Dressed Bond at A Hand Tailored Suit

Best Dressed Bond at A Hand Tailored Suit

We all grew up watching and dreaming, wishing we’d get a call from MI5 to be an agent with a license to kill.
The cars? The girls? The gadgets? For me it was the suits. I always wanted to dress like bond.


With a Vodka Martini shaken not stirred and a three piece suit fit to perfection with room for a Walter PPK and a few gadgets up the sleeve.
So what makes bond dress so well?

It’s a number of things.
First like always is fit, 007’s suits are all tailored, all bespoke.
Second is education of style, for example leaving the last button of his waistcoat un-done.
And small nuances like the pleats in the trousers of this grey three piece.
For a style like this you’ll have to go to a trusted tailor, as more classic styles like this are no available on the high street.
And you won’t want to compromise on quality, so its getting to A Hand Tailored Suit and getting a suit worthy of an international man of mystery.

I often talk about the power of a quality suit and the effect it has on you and other, and this image from Gold finger sums it right up.
In a quality suit bond feels bullet proof and is even being checked out by the lady behind him.


Roger was a fan favourite as he brought an aspect of comedy to the roll of 007 he also brought bolder styles of suits with roll necks steel blues and box check wool blends to show bond has more than a closet of grey and black suits. As I’ve said many times the ability to mix and match your suits, dress them up and down means having multiple pieces in the wardrobe, We are sad to see a true legend pass away his impeccable style will never be forgotten a true style icon.

George Lezenby was a model spotted in a barber shop by a member of the broccoli family who owns the bond franchise. He was asked to play the roll of 007 as he was seen to be the perfect fit for bond.

Lezenby only managed to make one film and one most forget was even a bond, as he was married and we see bond in wedding attire. We see lots of tweeds with George and although the director refused to speak directly to Lezenby because he didn’t see him as an actor, but the model could wear a suit, very, very well.
And if tweed is up your ally there is no other place to go than A Hand Tailored Suit with a tweed selection so big it makes the heart warm and the eyes widen.

Enter Brosnan the Irish bond. We all have a favourite bond and it tends to be the bond you grew up watching and for me it's Pierce.

Unfortunate not to drive the Aston Martin this 007 brought back the killer glare and the suiting flare of Sean Connery.

Brosnan was also the only Bond to use the updated Walter PPK-99 as well and the original Secret Service weapon the original PPK.

Brosnan in my opinion had the most corporate looks when he wasn’t dressed in overalls, ski gear or a Tux. Slightly wider lapels than previous Bonds he makes the grey suit look effortlessly perfect. With trips to Russia Brosnan had a nice selection of overcoats. And a good overcoat or 3 are investment pieces, a Tan or Camel, a Navy and a Black are must haves for me and to be bold you could go with a Grey wool or a tweed blend. And a A Hand Tailored Suit there is a huge selection of fabrics for overcoats and you can pick your own style, double or single breasted notch or peak lapels.

Enter the Blonde Bond, not everyone's cuppa when he was first announced as 007 but he definitely changed the tone of a lot when he starred in the remake of Casino Royale, probably the best bond in terms of suiting.
The blue eyed bond had very little gadgets unlike other bonds but his suiting was definitely up to scratch. With more roll necks than any other bond he’s the first bond to really put the suits through the mill and getting his hands dirty.
Not every suit would hold up to that sort of punishment.

So how to be Bond?
1, hope for a call from Mi5
2, Get over to A Hand Tailored Suit, pick up a Tux, a couple of grey and navy three piece suits, also a couple of overcoats for those winter missions.

As for getting a Gun and a licence to kill, we’ll leave that to MI5 to issue.
I can tell you where to go to look even better than bond.


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