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Bridgerton: The Tailoring of the Series

Bridgerton: the latest show on Netflix that has become the talk of the town has encapsulated many of us as viewers. Dubbed as the Gossip Girl of the Regency era, the series is based on Julia Quinn's novel, "The Duke & I", and focuses on the higher members of society during the annual season's dinner parties, balls and the 'marriage season'. The storyline has you hooked from the first episode, but so too do the costumes. Flamboyant, beautiful, and full of character, costume designer Ellen Mirojnick perfectly modernises the historical costumes and with over 7500 pieces throughout the series, we couldn't help but notice some beautiful pieces of tailoring.

The Bridgertons

The Bridgertons are a heavy focus throughout the series as the oldest daughter, Daphne Bridgerton (front centre) is first in line to be married, but the men of the family too have their own storylines. Colin (left), Anthony (top centre), Gregory (centre) and Benedict (right) can all be seen wearing different forms of tailcoats in blue or black, either composed from velvet or wool. Either in a single-breasted or double-breasted form, they are tailored extremely well to highlight their wealth and status, sitting quite high-waisted. The mixture of both wide notch and peak lapels. contrasting velvet collars, extra buttonholes on the lapels and velvet cuffs on the sleeves allows each character to be individual throughout the series. The pastel waistcoats are single-breasted, with high collars on these and their shirts to represent their higher place in society. They all wear cravats tied in the shape of a bow with Gregory's tucked in, and their trousers sit high with straps at the bottom to create a smooth silhouette.


 This particular image of Colin Bridgerton shows him wearing a single-breasted dusty blue velvet/wool coat, featuring a strong shoulder line, turned up cuffs and wide (but short) notch lapels, a fitting colour for the announcement of his engagement. His double-breasted waistcoat is made from a beautiful floral brocade that blends nicely with the overall colour palette of his outfit. Again the waistcoat and shirt have high collars with a crisp white cravat tied in a bow, all elements tied together to showcase his place in society.

But another piece of tailoring worth paying attention to is Eloise Bridgerton's Spencer jacket. In contract to Penelope Featherington's colourful dress, the soft pink/white colour palette of this outfit is matched beautifully with its crisp tailoring, as we see the shoulders slightly puffed and the lapels blending into the jacket. Featuring four buttons on the front, this perfectly portrays Eloise's character as she is keen to make a name for herself in society, to make something of herself.

The Duke of Hastings /Simon Bassett

Over the series, we come to learn of Simon's background and his initial lack of desire for marriage or status which changes over the series through his highly emotional relationship with Daphne Bridgerton; but we also see some wonderful tailoring too. Here he is wearing a grey velvet/wool coat with short yet emphasised notch lapels, the familiar high collared shirt and a gold/silver brocade double-breasted waistcoat. The sleeves feature velvet covered buttons, as well as a hint of button detailing on the back, commonplace with the men's fashion during the Regency period.

The overall colour palette of the Duke's wardrobe in the series is quite dark in comparison to the other male characters in the show, and here we have a close-up of one of his waistcoats. It is double-breasted and includes a gold pattern which conveys his status as Duke now he is married at this point of the series. The double-breasted style ensures it is well tailored to his form, a lovely contrast to his plain white light-weighted muslin shirt with a noticeable high collar and a black cravat that is tucked. The notch lapels are short to match the style of this time with his brooch, that has personal meaning, pinned to his right lapel.

Flamboyance and Individuality

All the costumes in this series are practically bespoke, featuring loads of hand embroidery, sharp tailoring, and vivid colour palettes that define one family from another, one's status from the other. Take the Featheringtons for example: the family's colours are much more brighter, bolder and decorative, a way of distinguishing their troubles in the public spotlight perhaps. Lord Featherington's (left) green tailcoat is certainly one not to be missed, with its very short and thin peak lapels overshadowed by the wide collar that falls quite low down. The bold patterns on his waistcoat with flecks of pink and green with the high collar too visually convey his status of Lord and head of the family, but as viewers, we can sense his wife is actually the true leader of the family.

Bridgerton as a modern period drama, does not fail in bringing drama through the costumes and fabrics, nor does it fail in showcasing its exquisite tailoring which we at A Hand Tailored Suit, love to see!  We certainly have plenty of fabrics available for you to feel like a member of Bridgerton too, have a browse on our website today.



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