Die Another Day - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

Die Another Day - Shaken and Not Stirred

Morning Bond.

It seems you left a permanent impression with your fencing skills at the club. Of course your subtle presence never appears to fault, but less about fencing and your new rival in Gustav Graves. I have my suspicions about him, otherwise you wouldn't have responded to my calling card at the club. Now Bond, any information you have on this Gustav Graves is vital: he's a man who has come from nothing to everything in no time.

The Mission

You have been lucky enough to accept a personal invitation from Graves to his ice palace in Iceland. He is to reveal his new solar project titled "Icarus" there, a satellite designed to generate solar power directly from the sun, aiding in crop development. It's a charitable cause; however, as Graves' fortune has appeared very quickly in conflict diamonds, identified by your discovery of his crest engraved on them in Cuba, I cannot believe Graves' purpose is at all charitable. Regarding those diamonds, I believe you found them belonging to Zao who of course, had your conflict with in North Korea along with Colonel Moon. Where you found Zao was at a gene therapy clinic having his DNA restructured. Be warned to encounter him again in Iceland Bond. It is clear Graves and Zao have a strong link like he had with Colonel Moon. In Iceland, you'll see Miss. Miranda Frost again, Graves' publicist - also one of our MI6 agents. I assigned her to report on Graves and notify any key developments she finds; yet she's failed to report anything in the last three months. Make sure she is doing her assignment. From your own little venture in Havana, you met a woman called "Jinx"? Otherwise known as Agent Johnson, NSA agent. I'd suggest you work together and find out Graves' true intention with "Icarus". His quick fortune in diamonds is a cover for something else, I am sure of it.

Your mission: Investigate Graves' base in Iceland and find out what the true purpose of "Icarus" is for, and why Zao is working for him. We know "Icarus" in the wrong hands with the power of solar energy can easily be misused.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

Your mission wardrobe this time Bond, as follows:

1) Cold Attire

When in Iceland, layers and warmth are key, so you shall find a chunky black knit jumper with a roll neck and thick black trousers the most appropriate choice. You'll arrive wearing a matching thick black puffer coat too.

2) Dinner Suit

You need to look the part at Graves' launch Bond, so here is a single-breasted black dinner suit with contrasting wide peak lapels and a high one-button fastening on the jacket. Structured shoulders and double jet pockets are included, with your dress shirt being pleated with a covered button placket and double cuffs. The classic collar shall be suitable for your bow tie.

3) Standard Tailoring

A suitable two-piece suit and coat if you need it Bond. This grey ensemble with notch lapels is paired with a crisp white shirt, slightly spread collar and a mid-blue tie to complete the look. The matching navy single-breasted overcoat with 4-button cuffs on the sleeve shall keep you warm too, the grey scarf as the finishing touch.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


As always Bond, preparation is key for your encounters:

Gustav Graves

Of course you already know what Graves looks like Bond, but his choice of attire for the launch in Iceland shall be a double-breasted black evening suit, worn with a white dress shirt finished with black studs for the fastening. The collar is a wing-tip style, appropriate with the black bow tie.

Agent "Jinx" Johnson

The NSA agent shall also be attending Graves' "Icarus" reveal in Iceland. She will attend in a light purple dress with silver embellishments on the front panels and straps leading round to the back. The back is low-cut and the waist of the dress is low, similar to a 1920's silhouette.

Miranda Frost

You already had a brief encounter with her at the fencing club as she wore a light two-piece skirt suit with notch lapels that were angled down to a sharp point. She too will be in Iceland for the "Icarus" launch wearing a one-shoulder silver gown that is heavily embellished. She'll partner the evening wear with a white fur shawl, suitable for the icy environment.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Now as you know Bond, I never joke about my work (a quality I learnt from my predecessor) and you always have an excuse don't you 00-Zero? Please ensure everything is returned:

New OMEGA watch and Ring: This is your 20th watch, Bond. Need I say more? Designed with a laser I am sure you shall use it wisely, and for the finishing gentlemen's accessory, a standard ring that can emit an ultra-high frequency, capable of breaking any glass. I will demonstrate the use of the ring in your extra visuals at the end of this brief.

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The Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, or as we at Q-Branch like to call it, "The Vanish." Kitted out with the standard ejector seat, rockets built, thermal imagery and what makes this car vanish, adaptive camouflage. Seeing as you shall be driving in Iceland, there are spikes built into the tyres, so you don't slip around whilst on the move of course.


It's possible on this mission we will find out who betrayed you in North Korea 14 months prior and betrayed MI6. Zao knows Graves and if Graves was a patient of DNA restructure, we must assume he plans to use "Icarus" to destroy and start a world war: we must assume Colonel Moon has lived to Die Another Day.

Intel have tracked a cargo plane belonging to Graves in North Korea. Infiltrate this plane discreetly. Time for your Double-0 status to be reinstated. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007.