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Duck Egg Blue Wedding Suits

Amongst our team at A Hand Tailored Suit, we have been very fortunate as to have designed and constructed bespoke wedding suits for our lovely clients. Some designs have been made from tweed cloth, included a check pattern or just a gorgeous plain weave in a luxury blue or grey has been the preferred choice; yet one colour we've noticed become a popular wedding option for a wedding suit is duck egg blue. A pastel green/blue hue, it is a subtle shade with a great soft appearance; but when made into a suit and accessorised, it has a real strong impact. Ladies and gentlemen, here are some examples of duck egg blue and pastel suits to inspire you for your upcoming wedding.
With duck egg blue being a pastel shade, it's a lovely option for a spring/summer ceremony or one taking place on a beach. The example above shows just the jacket made in this colour, paired with brown trousers and worn with a white shirt worn open collar. A darker pocket square is worn but doesn't take too much focus away from the jacket itself. With patch pockets also on the sides, this style is great for a more relaxed wedding dress code.
Pastel shades look fantastic in both single-breasted and double-breasted styles, and this example would definitely make a fantastic wedding suit. With the silver accents through the buttons on the front and cuffs, it's a perfect combination if you aren't planning to accessorise the suit with a tie or pocket square. You could also opt for a slightly shorter hem on the trouser to portray any details on the footwear.
The bespoke wedding suit really does come down to the minute details, from the colour choice of the embroidered buttonholes on the cuff to the choice of buttons themselves. With duck egg and other shades of blue similar, it is a light colour palette that pale wooden buttons work very well with like they do above. If the cloth is of a light cotton or linen texture, these type of buttons are really a perfect option to use.
This example - which is one of A Hand Tailored Suit's - has a slight grey undertone which, when paired with the right accessories, picks it out perfectly. It is one of our recent client's wedding suits and we designed it with a silver paisley lining, matching tie and pocket square. These grey undertones we also picked out with a grey embroidered buttonhole on the sleeve's cuffs, another great piece of inspiration for your wedding attire. Or alternatively, if you decide to wear a navy or dark grey suit, a duck egg blue or pastel blue tie will pair it very well. 
If you have opted for a duck egg blue or pastel blue wedding suit but aren't entirely sure what accessories to select, the tie can really bring the wedding suit together. A delicate floral print on a light coloured tie can really compliment the spring/summer vibe of this colour, particularly if your wedding is a garden theme occurring during these seasons. The essence of the season would definitely be captured if floral printed accessories are your favoured choice with this colour suit.


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