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Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

Dwayne Johnson now this is a person who knows how to make an impression, he certainly has a great tailor, impeccably dressed head to toe in bespoke attire. With a body profile like his it’s not easy to find garments to fit, also being a sharp dresser like himself most of the suits and shirts you see you will not find on the high street. We take a look through some of his styles above and below:

Above we have Mr Johnson dressed in a three piece navy & thorn wool & Silk glen check, wide peaked lapels, in a single two button jacket fastening with straight flapped pockets, six button waistcoat and slim tapered trousers, with hand made shoes to set off the look. We can’t forget the bespoke sky blue shirt made to fit him perfectly. Pocket square for lifting a little colour.

Above we have Dwayne leaning next to a stunning Bentley, dressed in black wool slim fitting trousers and matching single breasted five button waistcoat with peaked lapels. Black and white attire, worn with dark brown hand made shoes.

Here we have two celebs looking very dapper in there bespoke suiting, Andy Garcia dressed in a wool sharkskin three piece suit , slim peaked lapels high cut matching waistcoat and single breasted two button jacket with tapered trousers worn with extra ticket pocket on the right side, we also have a crisp white semi cutaway collar Egyptian shirt with straight double cuffs. 
The Rock is dressed in a linen, wool and silk mix two piece custom made suit. light tan and beige suit, designed with wide notched lapels and contrasting wooden horn buttons. worn with bespoke double cuff shirt and dark oxblood shoes.

Light grey glen check jacket with extra wide lapels in a peaked design which helps keep his shoulders in per-portion, slanted flapped pockets and two button fastening. a perfect jacket to be worn with matching trousers or contrasting trousers.

Above we have Dwayne and his daughter, Dwayne is wearing a stunning burgundy velvet jacket with contrasting satin wide peaked lapels and black evening trousers with satin stripe down the seams set off with a white custom shirt with a semi cutaway collar with black tie plus black suede shoes.


Mr Johnson is wearing a stunning wool and silk two piece tuxedo, designed again with satin peaked lapels slightly slimmer width to the lapel, custom white French cuff shirt with black bowtie. 
Plain front matching slim black evening trousers with satin evening stripe. This is a person who looks very sharp indeed, with his body profile size he knows how to pull off a custom made bespoke suit very well.

“We have been honoured to have been contacted by Mr Johnson’s tailor direct to take credit for these exceptional pieces of work/art.”

Master Tailor Robert Mata (Our hat is dipped in respect Sir) his details can be found below.




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