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"Emily In Paris" Season 2: Bonjour Alfie!

He's the new character on the Parisian block: it's Alfie from London! His profession is a banker currently working in Paris and as required whilst in the French capital, he has to attend French language classes which of course, is how he meets Emily Cooper - and a relationship develops. His personality and manner are certainly what makes Alfie (played by Lucien Laviscount) noticed, along with his sharp businessman style.

Episode 4 marks the first time we see Alfie in "Emily In Paris"; but the first time he and Emily sit together is during the second class filmed near the end. Alfie attends wearing a light-grey two-piece suit, styled with a burgundy polka dot tie, braces underneath and a white cutaway collar shirt. With wide notch lapels, metallic cufflinks fastening the double cuffs in place and four-button cuffs on the jacket sleeves, before we even know he is a banker, you can instantly tell that he is someone used to dressing ready for business each day.

Fast forward to episode 5 where we see Alfie in not one, not two, but three different suits, one of them being the mid-blue herringbone number. It can definitely be established that a cutaway collar shirt is Alfie's preference as the one he wears above is a white and navy blue butcher stripe design. The jacket has a two-button front, flapped pockets either side and notch lapels that are sharp to the point. Much like the preference of the cutaway collar, Alfie also accessories with a navy blue polka dot tie to complete the look. He also wears a striped blue navy tie with the herringbone suit in episode 8, only showing how suits can be styled in many ways.

One more suit Alfie is seen wearing is when he goes to a Savoir marketing event to meet Emily and for it, wears a smart three-piece black suit. Both the jacket and waistcoat are single-breasted, the jacket front sitting low enough for the top of the waistcoat to be on show. With a welt pocket on the chest, he continues his style of a white cutaway collar formal shirt and this time, styled with a plain red tie sitting nicely behind the waistcoat. For a formal event, a plain tie like this with his three-piece was a great way to go - and he also wears it during another Savoir marketing event in episode 9 as he attends with Emily.

His capsule suiting wardrobe continues with another grey two-piece he wears whilst on the way to French class - and in style too with Emily. It's a classic suiting attire he wears consisting of a grey sharkskin weave cloth for the jacket and trousers, notch lapels on the jacket, paired with a crisp white cutaway collar shirt and to finish it off, a navy blue tie. You can't go wrong with a grey and blue combination in the business wardrobe.

Despite the insane warm temperatures in Paris during episode 7, Alfie still manages to go about his day in a two-piece navy blue pinstripe suit - although the jacket is worn over his arms and the top two buttons of his shirt undone. His trousers include traditional brace buttons, standard pockets on the side, and adjuster belts on the waistband too to ensure practicality and comfort as he wears his suit in the day. The slight informal style shows here with the unbuttoning of the collar and black trousers braces on show; but yet he still shows he means business. The matching jacket we do see worn, but by Emily later on, designed with the classic peak lapels on a six-button double-breasted pinstripe piece.

Despite majority of his wardrobe in the season composing of suits, Alfie does know how to dress down and relax when he's not working. On a couple of occasions he sports a polo top with a pair of smart/casual chinos like in this scene above in episode 6, wearing a beige short-sleeved polo styled over a pair of camel chinos.

Season 2 definitely ends on a cliffhanger and with Alfie caught in a love triangle by the end of it, will we see more of him in seasons 3 and 4? We can't wait to find out and can't wait to see more of his sartorially sharp and dapper businessman wardrobe!

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