Emily in Paris Season 2 Recap and Outfits - A Hand Tailored Suit

Emily in Paris Season 2 Recap and Outfits




In a series of articles over the next few weeks, the team will be taking a sartorial look at the latest season of Emily in Paris, released just before Christmas. To jog your memory, we will recap the plot of season two and some of its eye-catching outfits. In the next blog, we will deep-dive into a few stand-out looks from each of the main characters starting, of course, with Emily.

Season Two Recap

Emily's Tangled Love Life.

Season two saw Emily hooking up with handsome chef Gabriel after he split from her BFF Camille. This caused Emily pangs of guilt over Camille's feelings, so she parted ways with Gabriel. Emily discovered a new romance at her French lessons in the form of cockney Alfie. He soon became suspicious that Emily's feelings for Gabriel weren't as dead as she claimed.

However, in the season finale, Alfie reveals that he has to go back to London and suggests a long-distance relationship. Emily, though, tells her friend Mindy that she does, indeed, still have feelings for the hot chef. Mindy tells Emily to follow her heart, but when she goes to tell Gabriel about her feelings, she discovers, shock, horror, that he's back together with Camille! How will this messy love-square end?

Emily's Exciting Career.

At the beginning of season two, Emily is still working at Savoir, the Parisian office of the Chicago firm Gilbert Group from which she is on secondment. Savoir's chief marketing officer, Sylvie, makes Emily an offer that she struggles with: join her new agency with coworkers and close friends Luc and Julien. It's a tough decision. If she stays at Savoir she will probably be promoted and move back to Chicago. If she joins Sylvie there will be a lot of opportunities, but she will be stuck in Paris. What will she do? At the end of the season, we hear Emily telling Sylvie that she has made a decision - but what is it?

Emily and the Gang's Season 2 Looks


Throughout season 2, Emily showcased a variety of coats from modern to retro, casual to business chic. Here are some of our favourites.

Here, Emily dons a flowy sleeveless cream blazer with notch lapels, a one-button closure, and a matching cream belt. She wears the blazer undone for a casual feel to the otherwise smart but colourful outfit. 

Emily's wardrobe is an explosion of colour, and this double-breasted wide lapelled checked wool jacket is no exception. It features black, yellow, red, green, and orange, yet it still looks cohesive and business appropriate. 

Emily likes the more formal and masculine double-breasted coats with lapels and flap pockets, but this jacket shows us her softer side in a girly pastel pink.


Sylvie shows her boss-like energy, confidence and impeccable fashion sense throughout the season. This collarless houndstooth overcoat ending at her ankles encapsulates all that and more. 

This purple overcoat, with its enormous sharp peak lapels and calf-length drop draped over her shoulders in an elegant and sophisticated manner, shows her style and confidence.


Mindy's wardrobe is as over the top as her personality featuring bold prints, sheer numbers, and lots of glitz. This oversized leopard print coat paired with a bright orange top and short skirt demonstrates Mindy's character perfectly. 

Mindy's daring personality also shines in this sheer black jumpsuit worn over an off-the-shoulder bra and full briefs. She has paired it with fingerless leather gloves, chunky gold jewellery and snakeskin knee-high boots. The whole outfit shouts fun and confidence.


When Gabriel isn't working, his style is always very calm and minimal, as shown in this comfortable crew neck blue sweater and black jeans.




Alfie is the banker about town, and this is reflected in his sharp businessman attire. Even on date night with Emily, it seems he can't put aside the formal outfits. Here he wears a white cut-away collar shirt and black suspenders, though he has left the shirt unbuttoned as a concession to the more casual setting!



Which of the outfits did you like in season 2?

We couldn't wait to see what happens and what the characters are wearing this season. We binged the whole of season three in a few days. Look out for our next blog to discover Emily's style in season three!