Finn Shelby's Peaky Blinder Style - A Hand Tailored Suit

Finn Shelby's Peaky Blinder Style

Finn Shelby, the youngest of the Shelby family.

Played by Harry Kirton, we are first introduced to the younger brother of the family when he was 11. The more violent side of the Shelby family was kept shielded from him as much as possible; but the boy soon grew to understand the day-to-day lives of the Peaky Blinders. He was protected for as long as possible, until series 5 sees the Finn become established in a more prominent role in Shelby Company Ltd. His attire throughout has always remained adequately tailored, and here are 3 of the best outfits worn by Finn Shelby.

Outfit #1

Series 3

It was the day of Tommy's wedding to Grace, and all of the Shelby family and those associated attended, dressing up immaculately for the celebratory occasion. Young Finn Shelby's wedding suit of choice was a three-piece brown number, styled with a white shirt and silver blue patterned tie. They all wore boutonnières in their left lapels and a waistcoat chain that sat in their pocket, hanging from the centre of the garment. Finn's lapels were peaked and the shoulders strong and well-tailored, side pockets included on the double-pleated trousers for extra fullness on the thighs. The last button of his waistcoat was left open, creating a higher angled notched hem but all the more, looked dashing to celebrate the betrothal of his older brother. No peaked caps, no fighting at his wedding.

Outfit #2

Series 4

This was a time where the Shelby family came together in series 4, a sombre moment paying tribute to their brother. For the funeral, Finn wore a charcoal grey overcoat with shirt peak lapels and matching grey horn buttons on the front. His flat cap was a grey/brown tone tweed design, his knitted tie black to pay respect. His three-piece suit was mid-grey in colour, the tweed cloth woven with a subtle check or stripe pattern with angled single welt pockets at the bottom of the waistcoat. It was a five-button front with the bottom one left undone as the style was, accessorising with his metallic pocket chain. The shoulders are well-tailored, a symbolic outfit to portray the younger Shelby about to be delegated more responsibilities in Shelby Company Ltd.

Outfit #3

Series 5

Finn Shelby, series 5: "I thought you said I was a General."

 He's wanted to be like his brothers and, much like his sartorial attire here in series 5, is wanting to show others that he is a Shelby, a Peaky Blinder. This all-grey attire consists of a tailored peaked lapel wool overcoat with three buttons on the cuffs. The shoulders are well tailored once more, as you would expect being a Shelby and involved in the business. His three-piece suit is worn over the top of an off-white shirt, finished with a rounded collar that supports his burgundy patterned tie. Double jet pockets sit on the overcoat with a tall angled welt pocket behind the peak lapel as he stands, flat cap in hand, ready to do business. What will the final season have in store for Finn?

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