For Your Eyes Only - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

For Your Eyes Only - Shaken and Not Stirred

There you are 007.

Miss. Moneypenny has informed you M is on leave, so I am delivering the brief.

One of our boats, the St. George's, sunk in the Ionian Sea five days ago and on board, was the ATAC - the Automatic Tracking Attack Communicator. A mine came into contact with the vessel, causing it to submerge. We assigned marine archaeologist, Sir Timothy Havelock, to source the location of the wreckage of the coast of the Ionian Sea, but was assassinated by hitman Hector Gonzalez on his yacht. You are to isolate Gonzalez and source the person who hired him. The ATAC must be retrieved without any issues, am I clear 007?

The Mission

Intel suggests payment will be delivered to Gonzalez at his villa in Madrid by a man named Emile Leopold Locque, a former enforcer in the Brussels underworld, whom we can confirm using Q-Branch's 3D Visual Identigraph once you have clear visuals. You are not the only one looking for Gonzalez or Locque: Havelock's daughter, Melina, is wanting revenge for her parent's death. We have already traced Locque to a location to Cortina, Italy. Contact has been made with Luigi Ferrara. Meet him and be introduced to Aris Kristatos, a Greek businessman. He believes Locque works for Milos Columbo, also known as "The Dove". Doves are a sign of peace 007; yet there doesn't appear to be any of that between Columbo and Kristatos. Travel to the casino in Corfu and find out more about them both. Whilst Kristatos may have informed you that Columbo hired Locque, do not trust what he says 007. A warehouse in Albania belonging to Kristatos stores mines similar to one used to sink the St George's. With the help of Melina and any diving equipment on board, continue Havelock's work in locating the ATAC. Kristatos may be waiting as you do so. He is meeting his contact (as informed by an unlikely source) at St. Cyril's, an abandoned monastery above a mountaintop in Greece to hand over the device. I do hope you have the head for heights, Bond.

Your mission: Confirm it is Kristatos who hired Gonzalez. It is clear Sir Timothy Havelock and his wife were close to finding the wreckage of the St. George's and most importantly, close to finding the ATAC. Retrieve the ATAC and destroy if you must. It cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

1) Madrid Green Jacket

Let's ease you into this mission. You'll have your array of fine tailoring 007, but for Madrid, this lightweight sage green jacket is appropriate, zip fastened and vertical pockets either side with a thin band collar. It's a warm climate there, hence the suggestion for a wide-collared white shirt and camel trousers with the very noticeable sharp crease, a subtle bootcut hem. The jacket cuffs are complete with a single-button cuff, a somewhat large button for a cuff at that.

2) Practical Attire

A tailored woollen suit won't protect you against the snow for the ski resort, so a light blue ski jacket is provided: zip fastening, waist belt, three zipped pockets, a high collar and worn with navy ski trousers will work. You'll find a blue quilted gilet with darker suede panels, two patch pockets on the front, a grey chunky jumper black corduroy trousers - ideal and practical for scaling walls, should you find yourself needing to do so.

3) Dinner Suit

For your evening at the Corfu casino (for mission purposes only 007 nothing more) this black notch lapel dinner suit with a double vent, single-button fastening and silk-striped trousers with a high waistband should suffice, along with a pleated panelled dress shirt and black tie.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


Luigi Ferrara is waiting for you in Cortina, but here is who else you must prepare for:

Melina Havelock

Daughter of Sir Timothy Havelock and his wife who were killed by Gonzalez. She will be on a personal mission to seek revenge on the person who ordered her parent's death. Intel suggests she could wear a light brown two-piece with slightly flared trousers and a matching brown hat with black netting below the brim when you first meet her. Another option of choice includes a brown suede jacket with dropped shoulders, kept warm with a light brown hooded knit underneath. She also drives a yellow Citroën 2CV6, a nifty vehicle for a quick getaway, and has a crossbow as her weapon of choice.

Aris Kristatos

Need we remind you never to trust someone completely upon first encounter 007, particularly Kristatos. He shall be in Cortina for the meeting set up by Ferrara wearing a long grey suede coat with shoulder epaulettes, black fur trim on the collar, sleeve belts, angled button-down pockets and a red roll neck jumper. At the casino, his evening attire is a preference of a satin peaked lapel jacket and his white shirt one with a classic collar for his bow tie.

Milos "Dove" Columbo

He is enemy to Kristatos, but he may possibly be the one to help in this mission, 007. You may find him wearing a dark navy blue double-breasted blazer with three patch pockets, a four-button (brass) placement, peak lapels, worn over a cream shirt and with the matching cream trousers. "The Dove" may bring you to him to reveal the connection between him and Kristatos. Before meeting him in person, you shall spot him at the casino wearing a black tuxedo, three-piece, designed with angled flapped pockets and a low-scooped waistcoat. Note his cufflinks are engraved with doves 007.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Whilst we continue to repair some of our gadgets which have been damaged during your missions (I don't suppose you find it funny on the field do you?), here is what you shall need:

3D Visual Identigraph: We believe the man who delivered payment to Gonzalez was Emile Leopold Locque; but your description of the man inputted into our 3D Visual Identigraph should confirm our reports quite easily 007.

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Lotus Turbo Esprit: The white Lotus Turbo Esprit is constructed with an anti-theft self-destruct feature whilst the copper version shall be your mode of transport in Cortina. I doubt the white one shall return in one piece, so please can we ensure the return of the copper car in one piece? We're still currently repairing your red Lotus...


Intel further reports General Gogol of the KGB knows of the St George's and the ATAC on board through his Greek informant - Kristatos. The information is all within this brief. The ATAC must not fall into the wrong hands - find the wreckage of the St. George's and recover the device. Now get on with it, 007. The mission won't wait just for you - it is For Your Eyes Only. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Good luck 007.