From Russia With Love - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

From Russia With Love - Shaken and Not Stirred

Welcome back 007.

Firstly let me congratulate you on your previous mission. On behalf of our majesties secret service we were very pleased. But let's not dwell, we have gathered some Intel from one of our field ops.

The Mission

SPECTRE are seeking revenge against MI6 and you in particular for the death of their agent Dr. No in Jamaica, and have already begun training agents to kill you. We have on good authority the person assigned is well-known Irish assassin Donald Grant, also known as RED. SPECTRE's agent, Czechoslovak chess grandmaster Kronsteen, has planned for Grant to come into the possession of a Lektor cryptography device from the Soviets. From what we know of Kronsteen, he plans everything down to the finest of details, but is unaware of how intelligent MI6 really are. This is a device you can agree 007, should not reach SPECTRE. SPECTRE operative Rosa Klebb, a former Soviet counter-intelligence Colonel for SMERSH, is overseeing the mission. She expects Grant to successfully carry out your assassination at the right moment, a moment he has trained for many times. Klebb has hired the help of a cipher clerk at the Russian consulate based in Istanbul, Miss. Tatiana Romanova. The Lektor device is there and Miss. Romanova will have detailed floor plans locating exactly where the device is. She is why we are pursuing this mission 007, as she directly contacted us. It is a suspicious communication, but we are unable to tell if she is fully aware of Klebb's motives. Miss Romanova will think she is working for SMERSH but the truth is she shall be working for SPECTRE. Rid of her if necessary, she will be considered hostile if needed and collateral damage if required.

Your mission: You're booked on the 8:30 plane in the morning 007. Our head of MI6's Istanbul branch, Mr. Ali Kerim Bay, will be your point of contact. One of his sons will meet you at the airport, asking you for a lighter. With Kerim Bay's help, retrieve the Lektor cryptography device 007 and ensure you return to London safely, and alive of course.

Please see below a mission wardrobe we’ve put together for you.

Mission Wardrobe

Welcome to your mission wardrobe 007. You will find your assigned attire for this mission here:

1) Suiting

All you shall really require are a couple of well-tailored suits 007. Sometimes, less is more. This perfect grey two-piece suit will take you from the airport with hat a briefcase in hand, to the streets of Istanbul to conduct some recon, and you’ll blend in with the rest of the tourist in the city. We’ve packed you a white dress shirt to travel in as well as a pale blue shirt to give you options wearing the same suit.

Should you want variety, you have a lovely light grey Glen check suit to wear also, cut with a double vent in the back, flapped pockets and notch lapels. Accessorise with your trilby and folded pocket square in the welt pocket and you are ready. Don't forget to capture your moments sightseeing with your camera 007. We are patiently awaiting updates at MI6.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


Your encounters 007, as listed:

Rosa Klebb

Her move from SMERSH to SPECTRE is being kept quiet 007, but nothing gets past MI6. Your encounter with her may be brief with Grant being her man, but we know a disguise of hers if the situation doesn't go accordingly. Disguising herself as a maid wearing a plain grey jacket and skirt, a white apron and hat will be worn too. Watch out 007: she has a notable sting in her kick.

Miss. Tatiana Romanova

But her friends call her Tania 007. Her wardrobe will vary throughout this mission 007, as you may encounter her wearing either a tan pencil skirt with a pink blouse and matching pink belt at the consulate where she works or, quite possibly, on a boat in Istanbul. On the boat, she will be wearing a mint green headscarf tied under her neck, and her trench coat an ivory shade with four button-down flapped pockets on the front and a high but short notch collar.

Donald "RED" Grant

He is watching your every move 007, ready to strike. We believe his wardrobe to be one that prefers a well-tailored suit like yourself Bond. A two-piece charcoal grey wool blend suit may be his choice, made with a three-button jacket front, notch lapels and a white pocket square. A black tie is his choice so to match his hat too, white a crisp cream shirt and a single vent on the back of the jacket and turned-up trouser hems. If he is trained to kill you 007, he will also be trained to be someone else. Be wary.

Ali Kerim Bay

Grey suits are also his personal preference 007, including one which is a lighter shade and with a soft rounded edge on the jacket hem. Notch lapels are also included, a small notch at that. Worn with this white shirt, he will pair this suit with a light grey/silver striped tie. He's a man who knows how to dress impeccably 007, you shall be impressed.

Please continue on to reading to be briefed by Q-Branch.


007, we are delighted to bring you the latest from Q-Branch here at MI6:

The Submariner Ref: 6538 We know you were such a big fan of the Rolex from your previous mission so you’ll be sporting that again. The Submariner Ref 6538 is the perfect tool watch for any gentleman. Its in-house mechanical self- winding Rolex movement is rivalled by very few other time pieces. Its tropical diet, big crown for ease of use in the field and on a stainless steel bracelet to be suitably worn, even with your suits.

The Briefcase you’ll be carrying is also loaded - literally. It is lined to allow you to conceal you weapons as you travel. In the spine, there is a pull-out tray storing some coins and also handy for hiding away anything of value you don’t want found. Also hidden in the spin is a retractable knife among many other features, like a smoke screen if tampered with.

You can see below, we have also equipped you with a Telephone Bugger. This will allow you to record and listen on any call to gather further Intel.

The car to match your cover is a 3½ Litre drop-head 1935 Bentley. This is the first car issued directly by Q-Branch. Please bring it back in one piece 007.


Avoid being assassinated by SPECTRE assassin Donald "RED" Grant, while ensuring the Lektor cryptography device from the Soviets does not fall into the hands of SPECTRE.

Use your licence to kill if required 007.

I am sure you will keep us informed where you can, "from Russia, with love", as per your note to Miss. Moneypenny before you left.

Stay safe, stay stylish.

Good luck 007.