GoldenEye - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

GoldenEye - Shaken and Not Stirred

Good evening 007.

It's clear you don't seem to approve of my methods in comparison to my predecessor - how I act on numbers rather than instinct - but let me be clear: our goals remain the same and shall do in this mission. A space weapons control centre in Severnaya has been destroyed by an electromagnetic pulse emitted from an armed Soviet satellite. The weapon in question: GoldenEye.

The Mission

The helicopter named 'Tiger' stolen by a member of the Janus crime syndicate, Xenia Onatopp, was confirmed at the destruction site. Its design withstands electromagnetic pulses to stay operational. Xenia was clearly successful in stealing it, despite my orders for you to track her in Monte Carlo. She was not the only person responsible for destruction of the station: General Ourumov was there. He has successfully convinced the Russian Minister of Defence it was an accident during a routine training exercise. Of course, we don't believe that. Be warned 007, if what Intel reports is true, it seems Agent 006 and your friend, who was supposedly killed by Ourumov during your joint mission 9 years ago, is not dead. It's reported Alec Trevelyan is the head of Janus, using GoldenEye on his next target. He blames Britain for the death of his parents. Travel to Saint Petersburg in Russia where a certain Valentin Zukovksy has information about Janus: he is Janus' competition. Xenia Onatopp will be tracking you after you almost prevented the helicopter theft, and lead you to Janus. Confirm for yourself and the British Secret Service it is Alec. Two survived the destruction of the Siberian space weapons facility, Boris Grishenko and Natalya Simonova. Both are programmers with reports Natalya has been spotted in Saint Petersburg. Without question, she can locate where Boris is. We must assume he now works for Janus with his skills.

Your mission: Intel reports Cuba is the new location of GoldenEye. Find it fast 007. Confirm what GoldenEye is being used for, its next target and if Alec Trevelyan is alive. It's a dangerous weapon, especially when in the hands of those whose intentions are fuelled by revenge.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

Your mission wardrobe 007, as prepared:

1) A Bit of Navy

In Saint Petersburg, you have the option of a couple of suits, one being a dark navy two-piece option styled with a white shirt made with a standard collar, brown patterned wide tie and blue pocket square. The jacket is a notch lapel piece with soft padded shoulders, a three-button front and cuffs arranged in the 4-button formation. The pleated trousers will sit quite high, but the belt provided by Q with a rappel in the buckle will secure them in place. Don't forget your navy overcoat for the colder weather when you are there 007, designed with wide notch lapels and 3-button cuffs.

2) Tan Suit

One suited for the warmer weather, this two-piece tan suit is paired with an ivory lightweight shirt with pleats in the back. Some of the suit details include notch lapels, slightly oversized padded shoulders, flapped pockets, a two-button front in the centre (brown in colour, matching buttons on the cuffs) and turned-up trouser hems.

3) Khaki Attire

If Cuba is the final location of GoldenEye, you will need a khaki green safari shirt with the required cargo trousers and sleeveless green jacket too. The shirt is buttoned with rolled-up sleeves, whilst the trousers feature two flapped pockets - one on either leg - along with belt loops and more pockets on the jacket. A spy needs to be prepared.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


A debrief on encounters for this mission are crucial 007:

Xenia Onatopp

Working for Janus and also with experience of being a fighter pilot, she will be on your tail. You saw her first at the casino in Monte Carlo wearing a crushed velvet dress with a sequined stand-up collar long sleeves. The stand-up collar may be a common design, as she could also be wearing a black skirt with a stand-up collar too on the tailored jacket.


Natalya Simonova

A programmer who worked at the Severnaya station and managed to survive. You may encounter her wearing a black A-line skirt with a cream blouse featuring ruffled elements, with a short grey cashmere knitted cardigan with a ribbed hem over the top.

Alec Trevelyan

You never forget your friends do you 007? If Alec is still alive, he might be seen wearing a long dark coat with a black shirt and tie with a fur-lined collar. A double-breasted suit with a green shirt and striped tie has also been reported to be worn.

Valentin Zukovsky

You should remember Zukovsky considering you gave him his limp. You will find him in Saint Petersburg wearing a three-piece suit, either brown or grey, designed with peak lapels and wearing a light pink double-cuff shirt with matching pocket square. His waistcoat will be textured, accessorising with a dark red tie.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Now pay attention 007. It would be preferred if you returned some of the equipment in brilliant condition:

Gold Pen: You might say the pen is mightier than the sword with this gadget 007, particularly as three clicks at the top turns it into a grenade: an explosive way to leave your signature, Bond.

The BMW Z3 Roadster is a brand new car to you 007, which means I hope you take extra care with it. It includes all the refinements you would expect, self-destruct button being one; but this time we have also included stinger missiles behind the headlights. Please be responsible with your driving 007 and don't break any traffic laws...


Take Flight 878 to Saint Petersburg where CIA informant Jack Wade will meet you to provide information and help during this mission. We may have our differences 007, but I think we can agree that Alec and GoldenEye must be stopped. Do what you must. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007. Come back alive.