Goldfinger - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

Goldfinger - Shaken and Not Stirred

Welcome back 007.

It’s nice to see you alive and well, back in one piece. We’ve gathered some Intel on a Auric Goldfinger, we want you to observe bullion dealer Goldfinger. I know you’re currently on vacation 007 but Goldfinger happens to be staying at the same hotel in Miami, so it’s the perfect cover.

The Mission

Goldfinger likes to gamble - gin rummy and blackjack are his games - and he’s known to cheat remotely using his employee Jill Masterson. We suggest getting close to Miss Masterson to gather further Intel on Goldfinger. Be careful 007, Goldfinger is a wealthy, well-connected and dangerous individual, as we are told he plans to smuggle gold across many countries, undetected, in order to generate a fortune. Goldfinger really does appear to be a gambling man 007. How he plans to smuggle the gold, we do not know. Goldfinger has a personal pilot, Pussy Galore. If needed, intentionally allow her to capture you to gain access to Goldfinger’s stud ranch in Louisville, Kentucky. We suspect Goldfinger is attempting a breach of U.S Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, as we have Intel of a meeting between Goldfinger and the American Mafia. They are supplying Goldfinger with nerve gas that will be flown in and dropped into the surrounding atmosphere, allowing him and his henchman “OddJob” easy and unobstructed access.

Your mission: Intercept Goldfinger and protect the U.S depository at all cost. The Crown's relationship with the U.S is depending on your success, as well as MI6 and CIA relations.

Please continue reading below to be briefed on mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe 

Your mission wardrobe 007:

1) Dinner Jacket

As we mentioned, Goldfinger likes to gamble, so dinner dress is required for the hotel casino. You need to look like you belong at the table with a bullion dealer. This white dinner jacket with peak lapels is the perfect look for the Miami evenings, a pelted shirt and a rose in the lapel. You’ll look like you could own the hotel you’re staying in.


2) Smart/Casual Tailoring

We’ve packed some smart/casual tailoring to lend to Goldfinger’s sporting looks. These light brown fresco trousers, paired up with a white shirt, a knit tie and a brown tweed jacket will pull in different shades of brown to complete the look in an effortless and elegant way, mirroring Goldfinger’s style in a more subtle, elegant way.

3) Staple Tailoring

And of course our staple piece for the mission, as this is on American soil and we are representing Crown and Country 007. This grey three-piece with a slight texture to the cloth, a notch lapel, a high cut waistcoat and trousers with a double pleat, this iconic suit is what we want you to wear when completing the mission 007. We want the Americans to know we are saving them while looking better than them.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


Make sure to study the encounters ready for this mission, 007:


Goldfinger’s style tends to be that of an stately English Gentleman, lots of hunting/sporting attire from shooting to golf so a lot of heavy wool and tweeds will be worn - and tends to be sporting a hat.


“Oddjob” is a henchman in sheep clothing. Dressed as a personal driver, he is far from it. The Korean is Goldfinger’s trusted companion and is always by his side offering a final layer of protection, and a strong one at that. A champion powerlifter, he is incredibly strong and tough and his hat, don’t let its somewhat normal appearance fool you. The brim is steel-lined and he has impeccable aim when throwing it. Our recommendations are to try and get to Goldfinger whilst avoiding “Oddjob”. Eliminate him if needed.

Pussy Galore

Miss. Galore is Goldfinger's personal pilot and is someone who will not fall for any tricks 007. She's training her pilots to drop the nerve gas at Fort Knox as part of Operation "Grand Slam". Her style matches her leader personality, as you may encounter her wearing a black two-piece crushed velvet suit with a shawl collar on the jacket. Her defined item of tailoring is her gold single-breasted waistcoat, complete with an sharp angled notch and curved hem. Tailored jacket and trousers appear to be her favourite style 007.

Please continue below to be briefed by Q-Branch.


007, welcome back. We at Q-Branch have outdone ourselves, if I do say so myself:

Starting from the top 007, we’ve created a realistic Seagull sparkle mask that will allow you to approach the drug labs via water undetected. Once there you may need a grappling hook to gain entry. We’ve provided you with an explosive paste to destroy the labs once you’ve gather your Intel.

A homing device, perfect for tracking a target while maintaining a safe distance.

And of course, our British pride and joy - the Aston Martin DB5. Kitted out with razors in the rim nut, a retractable battle proof rare shield, oil slick dispenser, Retractable Gun turrets in the headlights, missiles in the front vender and best of all 007, an ejector seat (to name but a few bells and whistles). Please try to bring it back in one piece 007.


As I've said Bond, Goldfinger is a gambling man and he certainly is taking quite a gamble here. We must find how he is smuggling all this gold without being caught. Let's show Goldfinger why this gamble will not pay off. Operation "Grand Slam" shall be terminated. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe, stay stylish.

Good luck 007.