Licence To Kill - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

Licence To Kill - Shaken and Not Stirred

Welcome 007.

I know you are in a hurry to find and stop Sanchez using all means possible after what he did to your good friend, Felix Leiter and his wife, Della. You're seeking a personal vendetta. I know M usually delivers your assignments but after he has suspended you and revoked your licence, you are a rogue spy, and you are going to need my help. I know what you are up to 007.

The Mission

If you remember, the DEA had Sanchez in custody but one of their own, Ed Killifer, was bribed by Sanchez to break him out. One of Leiter's friends, goes by the name of Sharkey, has tracked him down to a marine centre owned by Milton Krest. It seems he is an accomplice of Sanchez, assisting with smuggling and hiding the drugs ready to be shipped. I would suggest you intercept Krest's ship, the Wavekrest, where a deal is due to take place - worth almost $5 million. As you're unofficially acting on this mission 007, might I advise you seek the help from another of Leiter's friends, a Miss. Pam Bouvier. Meet her at the Barrelhead Bar. Sanchez will be at the casino in Isthmus City so both of you should travel there. You may encounter Sanchez's girlfriend at the casino, a Miss. Lupe Lamora, who is fully aware of Sanchez's operations. You could try and get close to him, using your 'rogue agent' status to sway him, and if you can place the blame on someone else for keeping Sanchez's money, that'll do the trick. Just be prepared for other MI6 agents sent to bring you back to London 007, M already has a man out there. Other agencies are after Sanchez too and won't be pleased if you interrupt their plans. See if you can accompany Sanchez to his base disguised as a meditation institute, where his drugs are made and disguised to be shipped in petrol tankers. Once Sanchez discovers who you are 007, which he will, he'll want to escape with the tankers very quickly. Needless to say, they must be destroyed and Sanchez's drug empire sent up in flames.

Your mission: There's more to this mission than your own personal mission, 007. Officially, you are a rogue agent, but locate Sanchez and bring his drug empire down once and for all.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

Don't worry about your mission wardrobe 007:

1) Loose Navy Shirt

It will be warm in Isthmus City so a loose navy shirt with two flapped button-down pockets on the front, short stand-up collar, rolled up sleeves and worn with a pair of lighter navy blue relaxed trousers with side pockets should work.

2) Tuxedo

You will definitely need to look the part of a wealthy gentlemen spending his fortune in Sanchez's casino, so here is a black two-piece tuxedo with a pleated black-studded dress shirt, double cuffs and black and gold cufflinks. Wide contrasting notch lapels, 3-button cuffs on the jacket and the classic bow tie will suffice.

3) Blue Suit

Another bit of smart/casual tailoring should you go to Sanchez's base as a guest with this two-piece navy suit, paired with a white shirt (wear open collar) with single cuffs. The blazer will include wide notch lapels, 3-button cuffs and no vent on the back, but you will still have great movement in the jacket as you embark on stopping Sanchez.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


Let's make sure you are prepared for this mission's encounters shall we?

Franz Sanchez

I know you haven't forgotten what Sanchez looks like 007. He will be at the casino wearing a wide-striped silver striped evening shirt with double cuffs and a black wing-tip collar. Black buttons are the fastenings on the shirt, tucked into black trousers with a front pleat. He also sports a selection of tailoring, including a beige two-piece with a denim blue buttoned shirt.

Lupe Lamora

Girlfriend of Lupe Lamora but it seems she doesn't want you on the wrong end of Sanchez. She will be at the casino wearing a red lace floor-length fitted dress, designed with a V-neck and slight padded, gathered shoulders at the tops of the sleeves.

Pam Bouvier

Fellow DEA informant and an ex-army pilot, Pam Bouvier will be meeting you wearing a black sleeveless V-neck zip bodice with slight structured shoulders paired with black skinny trousers. Upon your partnership to Isthmus, you may find she will swap her style for a tailored navy blue dress with structured shoulders, wide white notch lapels and white buttons down the front.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Pay attention 007:

Signature Camera Gun: One of the many things a man needs on a holiday 007, the latest from Q-Branch's "goodie bag", and a signature item at that. The camera comes with different attachments to transform into a rifle, programmed to your palm and your palm only.

Cummerbund: Always a smart addition to an evening suit, particularly one designed with a rope inside should you find yourself spying from a great height, or outside Sanchez's casino window.


I think I can speak on behalf of myself and Miss Moneypenny that we would like you to remain within the British Secret Service, Bond. Find Sanchez and you shall have many forms of closure. If you do this, M may reassign you back, and give back your Licence To Kill. Return back to us safe, like you always do. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007.