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Linus Windlesham's Wardrobe in "Death on the Nile"

Linus Windlesham, a Lord and aristocratic doctor, played by Russell Brand.

He's an established doctor and former fiancé to Linnet (played by Gal Gadot) who is out in Egypt for the wedding celebrations, although it becomes apparent that maybe his feelings for Linnet haven't truly gone away. His aristocratic background of a Lord is soon detected by Hercule Poirot also; yet Windlesham shows he does not need that title. Despite this and his profession, it could certainly explain his stylish attire seen throughout the film, and here are just three of the sartorial ensembles worn by the Doctor.

 Outfit #1

His name and character are first properly introduced to us during the wedding party, in an outfit that is a three-piece by style and a light colour palette to match the wedding festivities. Doctor Windlesham's jacket is a light blue and cream Prince of Wales check design, sporting wide peak lapels to balance the strong shoulder line. The jacket overall looks smooth in finish and cut, with the cream single-breasted waistcoat and pleated trousers also conveying the same finish in texture. The bottom button of the five-button waistcoat is left unfastened, a common style at this time, and accessorises with a matching cream tie secured underneath the beige double-layered collar of his shirt.

 Outfit #2

For the visit to the Abu Simbel temples, the Doctor opts for a linen and lightweight jacket, white in colour and decorated with slate blue/grey butcher stripes. Peak lapels are the choice for this blazer, whilst two large patch pockets are situated near the bottom for a casual feel. He looks smart with the blazer complemented through the duck egg blue trousers with a subtle centre crease running from the pleated waist, angled pockets sewn into the sides and his light brown belt fastened across the waist. The belt is thin enough for the top of the trousers to still show the hint of blue nicely as his ivory shirt is tucked in. A button-down patch pocket sits on the shirt's chest and underneath his classic collar is a wide purple/grey tie, bringing this whole look to a cohesive finish.

 Outfit #3

It seems during the day, Windlesham prefers a two-piece attire or an outfit that is mix-and-match, whereas in contrast, a three-piece is deemed most appropriate for his attire during a formal occasion or evening dinner. This is what he wore for another evening aboard the cruise, choosing to wear a contrasting purple blazer with subtle rounded shoulders and a soft grey hue blended into the cloth. The jacket is paired with a matching mid-blue waistcoat and trousers, the waistcoat cut in a single-breasted style with a five-button front. He leaves the peak lapel jacket open to show the contrasting vest, accessorising with a light blue pocket square in the welt pocket that pairs nicely with his striped shirt. The single cuffs are just on show, finishing the attire with a red and light blue striped tie in what is a soft blend of colours in a tailored ensemble. 

What was your favourite attire of Doctor Windlesham? Be sure to check back on our blog for more classic and of course, sharp tailored attires from the cast of "Death on the Nile".

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