London Fashion Week Fall 2020 Ladies' Fashion Roundup - A Hand Tailored Suit

London Fashion Week Fall 2020 Ladies' Fashion Roundup

London Fashion Week, or LFW for short, is a fashion trade show that takes place after NYFW twice a year in February and September. Like New York Fashion Week, it aims to showcase collections to the press, the public, and buyers, influencing the media and retailers on the high street and high-end lines. It’s one of the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks each year. 

Let’s take a look at London Fashion Week Fall 2020 ladies’ fashion roundup to see what trends are likely to hit our wardrobes next Fall. 


We see model Kendall Jenner in a tailored organza skirt in grey plaid and a fitted bra-style camisole top in red plaid with sheer panels.

Another look features another model a wearing grey and beige plaid matching outfit–tailored shirt and trousers–with two tailored overcoats. One in the classic Burberry beige and another one in white. This layered look is mirrored on the men’s runway too. 


The Erdem runway features a cool colour palette with silvers, beige, grey, black, and cool blues and greens dominating. 

One model wears a unique checkered black and white single-breasted suit with notched lapels and large prominent black buttons and a feather headdress. 

The collection also features knits paired with floral dresses and some sparkly dresses too!


Christopher Kane

The Christopher Kane runway featured some neutrals but with pops of ruby and emerald. The prevalent style was loose tailoring as seen on this model with a two-piece suit that doesn’t have a defined waist and is almost an unfitted peplum style in grey wool with notched lapels.

Another model wears an oversized white blazer and tailored trousers with a graphic t-shirt underneath, depicting Adam and Eve. 

This model wears a loosely tailored velvet dress with a slightly ruched skirt giving the bodice and skirt an almost Tudor appearance. The main feature of the dress is a giant bow across the collarbones.


Haper’s Bazaar did an overview of the trends. You can see that casual, looser silhouettes are on-trend as are sparkles, sequins, and glitter but tailoring is still in style (thankfully!). We see fitted and cut-out bodices and more neutral colour palettes this Fall, too. And check out Richard Quinn’s show stopping outfits on his models! 

Inspired by any fashion week outfits?

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