London Fashion Week Fall 2020 Men's Fashion Roundup - A Hand Tailored Suit

London Fashion Week Fall 2020 Men's Fashion Roundup

The second of the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks each year, London Fashion Week (also abbreviated to LFW) happens twice each year in February and September. Like its cousin across the pond in New York, London Fashion Week aims to showcase designer collections to the public, the press, and potential buyers. High end and high street retailers pay attention to fashion week in hopes of created ‘inspired by’ looks at high-street costs for consumers. 

What will be fashionable in the Fall? To see which trends may be hot next Fall, let’s explore some of the latest looks at our London Fashion Week Fall 2020 men’s fashion roundup.


Just like on the women’s runway show for Burberry, tailoring and layering is in style. These models wear various Burberry suits in plaids of grey, beige, and brown.



The DAKS runway featured a very dapper shawl lapel tuxedo and smoking jacket combination in rich black and amber as well as a more toned-down grey plaid double-breasted suit with a dark plaid overcoat.


Tokyo James’s 

The Tokyo James’s runway show was a spectacle of suits and snow-covered faces. It features suits in colourful and unique fabrics with boxy, loose cuts and various lapel styles.


Which looks did you find most inspiring?

Tell us in the comments which look is your favourite or which runway show we missed out. We’d love to hear from you! 

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