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Luc's Looks in Season 2 of "Emily In Paris"

He's one of the original faces working at the infamous Savoir marketing firm in Paris and in season 2, Luc (played by Bruno Gouery) continues to show his quirky and quite comedic personality, whilst also developing a good friendship with Emily. If the first season wasn't to establish the style of Luc, then season 2 definitely would refresh your memory of his wardrobe.

Beginning with the very first episode and Emily has invited Luc along to the club where Mindy is performing - and wearing an outfit a little different to his usual smart/casual two-piece suits. For the evening's events, Luc attends wearing a shiny dinner jacket (possibly purple in colour) with a black buttoned shirt and dark trousers. The trousers are slim-line as the style he wears throughout the season; but what makes this outfit a little more smart and formal is the peak lapel detailing on the jacket. Definitely different from what we see Luc wear but with the open collar shirt, it's still within his style of dressing.

From episode 1 to 4 and where we see one of many ascots that Luc wears throughout the season. As he accompanies Emily to the cinema to help her with her French, Luc's outfit of choice is a blue check two-piece suit. There are hints of dark blue and white running through the windowpane design of the cloth, in which the dark blue is picked out beautifully through the background of his patterned ascot. In turn, the various dark shades of yellow and green are enhanced through the pairing of his khaki polo top. Luc has an eye for colour and detail!

The occasional three-piece styling is noticed during season 2 of Luc's wardrobe, and episode 5 during Gabriel's restaurant marketing meeting is one example. He continues to maintain his casual approach to styling by wearing a blue jacket with notch lapels over a blue plaid check casual shirt, the button-down collar worn open. In-between those items though is a dark purple knitted waistcoat with a high V-neck and for his pocket square of choice, one with hints of cream and pink to add a bit of a pop to the quite wintry colour palette of his outfit.

Episode 8 is where we see Luc without his signature ascot accessory; however, that doesn't take away his smart/casual style. Pictured with his Savoir colleagues, Luc wears a grey two-piece windowpane check suit with a cream/red pocket square worn in the welt breast pocket. The windowpane design woven into the cloth is quite thin and more noticeable up close, which is why his white and charcoal grey gingham check shirt doesn't create a bold pattern overload within his attire. With notch lapels on the jacket, relaxed shoulders and his shirt worn open collar, Luc's relaxed persona continues to show.

He continues the non-ascot look in episode 9 when attending a perfume marketing event for Antoine's brand and wears his smart/casual look from work to the evening. Wearing a green and blue gingham check shirt, Luc wears a grey jacket with relaxed shoulders over the top, with a subtle hint of a blue undertone. His love for notch lapels continue into this look, but he does jazz it up slightly with the accessorising of a lapel pin through the lapel buttonhole. Other features of the jacket include a two-button front, double vent on the back and, to match the shirt, styles his welt pocket with a green/blue pocket square.  

During the final episode and the start of what would be the season 2 cliffhanger, Luc opts to wear a dusty/mid blue two-piece suit, styled with a sky blue buttoned shirt underneath and of course, the accessory that most definitely summarises his style: an ascot in red with multi-coloured circles as the pattern. His pocket square in this welt breast pocket combines the colours nicely seen in his attire as the paisley design matches the blue of the suit whilst printed on a red/maroon colour background. With notch lapels, a two-button front and flapped pockets, Luc maintains his classic and calm suit style.

From plain suits to check suits, from polo tops to check button-down casual shirts, choosing to wear a waistcoat or not, Luc's wardrobe certainly epitomises the balance of smart/casual for work, as well as outside working hours too; but you can always rely on a trusty pocket square or ascot to complete an outfit of his. We look forward to what he will be wearing in seasons 3 and 4!

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