Moonraker - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

Moonraker - Shaken and Not Stirred

Good morning 007.

At last you're back from your African journey. I trust you enjoyed the views during the flight? I hear you had a certain encounter with Jaws on the way. It seems you didn't rid of him on your last mission like you thought; but MI6 have another mission for you. A Drax Industries shuttle transported on an aircraft carrier has been hijacked in midair during its journey to the United Kingdom; yet there are no remains of the shuttle. Strange, wouldn't you agree?

The shuttle's name in question? Moonraker.

The Mission

Travel to California 007 to Drax Industries and meet Hugo Drax - we want you to investigate him further and search his premises. A Dr. Goodhead shall be there, an astronaut on loan from NASA who may know more - or should I say Miss. Holly Goodhead, CIA agent? She will be of vital help, 007. MI6 suspect Drax has blueprints for glass vials designed at his Venini glass factory in Venice, specifically to hold gas. Investigate with care and extreme caution when you reach Venice. Clues at his factory will take you to Rio de Janeiro, where you shall attend under my instruction of being on leave - a perfect time to explore further I think you'll find. We understand the glass vials hold a toxic gas which is fatal to humans, but not plants and animals. Its chemical formula traces to a rare orchid found in the Amazon. No doubt you shall encounter Drax here once more. Intel reports he arranged the hijacking of Moonraker. He owns a Moonraker fleet compiled of six shuttles which of course, the Amazon would be the perfect base for his shuttle launches. They are set course for a space station undetectable on radar: a city in space, in which a select few will live. You and Goodhead must find a way to intercept the device to ensure it can be traced. If what Intel reports is true, he plans to release the gas into the Earth's atmosphere, ridding of the human race: "Operation Orchid" is to create a "new, perfect human race".

Your mission: None of these vials must enter the atmosphere, 007. Locate the Moonrakers and Drax's base to prevent "Operation Orchid". Work with Dr. Goodhead to disable his radar-jamming system for the U.S. Marines to intercept. The launch of his operation must be aborted.

T-minus and counting 007.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

There's a fair amount of air miles to collect on this mission, but not to worry 007: your beloved gentlemen's attire is packed ready, including:

1) Casual Blazer

Always best to leave a good first impression so you shall arrive into California meeting Drax in a casual navy blue jacket with notch lapels and light brown buttons on the front and cuffs. Light blue shirt, striped tie and grey trousers should do just the trick.

2) Sporting Tweed

Just in case Hugo Drax invites you for a spot of country sport at his prestigious mansion and grounds, we've prepared a suitable brown tweed two-piece paired with a darker brown tie and white shirt. Three flapped pockets as appropriate and of course, brown suede elbow patches.

3) Fine Tailoring

We're rather spoiling you with this fine tailoring this mission Bond, as you also have a grey two-piece with a two-button front and a navy patterned tie for your visit to Venice, and a cream two-piece suit with the jacket long in body paired with a light brown shirt. Best to wear the shirt open collar Bond, for the warmer climate of Rio. As we say: keep cool under pressure.

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4) Spacesuit and Safari Suit

Now this isn't packed, but posing as one of the Moonraker crew in their yellow jumpsuit/spacesuit uniform with black trim down the arms, legs and on the cuffs will be required. Practical button-down flapped pockets on the legs and fastened with a zip. Very different to your favoured safari-style attire, of which you are assigned a light-coloured fitted ensemble for your venture to the Iguazu.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


These missions rarely pass without you encountering new faces. Here's who we have Intel on:

Hugo Drax

Head of Drax Industries, you may first encounter him wearing a black jacket completely fastened with a covered button placket and a flapped pocket on the chest. It appears to be his style 007, as he may also wear a camel-coloured jacket in the same cut and shape with a white shirt underneath and darker brown trousers.

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Need I remind you about the man with the vicious bite, but working for Drax means a likely chance you shall encounter him once more. Watch out for him in Rio wearing a denim blue single-breasted jacket or his usual off-white shirt with brown trousers and suspenders. Be warned Bond, we've tracked Jaws' movements to Rio de Janeiro, so watch your back. You do not want to be fighting him midair again, do you?

Dr. Holly Goodhead

Her undercover role at Drax Industries will have you fooled at first 007. She will be wearing a knee-length dress with buttoned patch pockets, short collar, rolled-up sleeves and shoulder epaulettes. Watch out for her in Venice wearing a silver dress with black buttons, and in Rio wearing a black satin jumpsuit.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Now 007, some of the latest gadgets for this mission - need I remind you to be careful with these?

Wrist Gun: Now being issued as standard equipment 007, it's a little trick up your sleeve. This Wrist Gun is activated by nerve impulses from the muscles. Armed with 10 darts: 5 blue ones capable of piercing armour, 5 red ones coated in cyanide causing action within 30 seconds.

New Digital Watch: Courtesy of Q-Branch, the Seiko M354 - nicknamed "Dynamite" - is designed with a long wire and dynamite strips activated by the press of your watch.

Cigarette Case Safe Cracker: A perfect little gadget if you fancy a smoke 007, or want to crack a safe open. Drax won't know you have this tucked away in your inside jacket pocket.

Glastron CV23HT Speedboat: I sincerely hope I can trust you with this latest equipment 007. It will get you to where the orchids are along the Amazon river fast and of course, should you find yourself in a spot of bother, it is equipped with mines, missiles and torpedoes - and a built-in hang glider should you need to escape. Try and stick the landing if you can...


The mission may seem out of this world 007, but do not make any mistakes. We cannot afford any slip-ups. Drax must not release the gas contained in the vials: one is deadly enough to human survival. The British Secret Service and the CIA are relying on you and Dr. Goodhead, 007: make this a pivotal moment between our countries' relations. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007.