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Netflix's "The Gray Man": The Wardrobe and Attires

It's the latest direction by the Russo brothers and a movie based on Mark Greaney's 2009 novel, "The Gray Man". Released on Netflix on 22nd July 2022, it follows the story of CIA agent Court Gentry - a.k.a Sierra Six (played by Ryan Gosling) on the run from Lloyd Hansen (played by Chris Evans) who was hired to recover the secrets of Six's agency he works for.

The film takes us through many cities and locations, filled with action and clever wittiness; but what we couldn't help but notice were the choice of attires for the main characters of the film. If you haven't watched "The Gray Man" just yet, here are just some of our favourite attires which you might find quite sharp too.

At the beginning in Bangkok, Six is on another assassination mission and, as he says in the film, "I just wear what they tell me to". Well, for an opening suit it certainly isn't a bad choice. Ryan Gosling's character arrives for his mission wearing a sharp two-piece red suit, styled more casually with a white crew neck tee underneath: casual yet appropriate for ease of movement in his line of work. The jacket is single-breasted with black buttons on the front positioned slightly off-centre for an edgy look. The peak lapels were narrow yet defined with a soft curved edge, whilst two flapped pockets featured near the bottom. The welt pocket was left as is and the shoulders were slightly rounded to provide a little bit of extra height. The trousers were slim with a centre crease down the front and angled pockets at the top, whilst a double vent was the preferred style of choice for the back of the jacket.

In this scene of "The Gray Man", we see Six hired to look after his former CIA senior's niece, Claire Fitzroy (played by Julia Butters) and dons a plain charcoal grey two-piece suit with a navy long-sleeved polo underneath. The style is more relaxed this time with notch lapels outlining the centre featuring one buttonhole on the one side. A welt pocket sits on the chest whilst the shoulders are softly padded for a strong, well-balanced tailored line across the top. The double vent on the jacket is again a practical choice, whilst the trousers are slim and straight-cut all the way down to the hem that sits over his shoes.

From Sierra Six to Lloyd Hansen, he's a former CIA agent whose methods are the cause for his status to be "former". Played by Chris Evans, Hansen's style throughout the film is definitely consistent - whilst not taking too much attention away from his moustache. One of the first outfit of Hansen's sees him sporting a pair of light grey/stone coloured chinos with a striped yellow and brown polo top tucked in. The top itself is short-sleeved with thinner stripes down the centre which the chinos complement very well. The collar is narrow and finished in yellow to be a bit of a contrasting detail, whilst the cuffs of the sleeves are a darker shade to make more of a bold statement. The knitted polo tops are a common staple in Lloyd Hansen's wardrobe, as another piece he sports is a grey style with navy blue details running throughout this curved diamond-like check design. The collar and three-button placket are also navy, as are the cuffs on the short sleeves which is paired with navy chinos. He might be the villain, but he's a villain with a bit of a suave dress code.

The chinos are still worn by Hansen in this attire here, styling his beige pair with a dark navy blue knitted top over the top and underneath his matching short navy jacket. The jacket as a noticeably sharp collar to mirror the edginess of his attire, whilst the main fastening is a silver zip left unfastened. On either side is a subtle curved patch pocket with angled pocket flaps sitting over the top, creating an overall minimal yet impactful casual attire for the character. In opposite style is Donald Fitzroy (played by Billy Bob Thorton) who is a former CIA senior of the Sierra programme at the agency. Here, he sports a black three-piece suit with a wide black polka dot tie tucked behind the waistcoat. The jacket lapels are notched and the pockets are flapped with one either side of the two-button front. The back is cut with a double vent whilst the front edge curves round to the hem smoothly. Four black buttons feature on the jacket cuffs as the waistcoat itself is cut with a straight hem, possibly cut in the matching suit fabric or a separate knitted piece. Fitzroy's trousers are slim with a subtle centre crease indicated on the front of them, before the look is complete with a classic collar white shirt.

The opening party scene in Bangkok definitely delivers on the party style, and fellow CIA agent Dani Miranda (played by Ana de Armas) is dressed for the mission wearing an artistic floral printed suit. The jacket is decorated with four buttons on the cuffs and arranged in the overlapping style. The lapels are peaked with what appears to be a subtle element of pattern-matching through the blue/purple flower on the one side, a casual detail that speaks volumes when it comes to sharp suiting. Her trousers are defined thanks to the centre crease on the front, leading down into a slight flared hem that falls to almost cover her boots. The floral print of the suit is quite delicate through the colour scheme and its vintage appearance; but the styling of the blue tie and metallic chains draping from one side of the collar to the other immediately lifts this piece into a modern, effortless look. Dani's smart CIA style continues later on in the film, spotted wearing a black waistcoat worn unfastened over a white blouse with a short ruffled collar and neck tie.

Introducing Regé-Jean Page as the CIA head Denny Carmichael, whose motives are certainly questionable; yet a couple of his suiting pieces were sharp. The first suit we see him in is a grey or dark navy ensemble with a two-button front, designed with a welt pocket on the chest and notch lapels for that business style. Underneath, for more of a casual approach and to show his cool, Carmichael pairs the suit with a dark knitted V-neck underneath, shown with his navy textured tie tucked in behind and over his white and blue check shirt. The jacket includes flapped pockets near the bottom with the shoulders well-tailored across the top, soft structured shoulders which continue through to his other suiting attires worn in the film, including his navy pinstripe number. With notch lapels on the front and four-button cuffs on the jacket, the CIA head dons the suit with a light blue shirt underneath and a subtle textured navy tie to complete the attire.

Overseeing some of the operations with Carmichael is fellow CIA operative Suzanne Brewer (played by Jessica Henwick), who too has her own tailored style. One of the outfits included is a brown peak lapel jacket with boxy shoulders for a strong silhouette, paired with a darker brown high neck top underneath. The look is quite minimal, but the affect of strong monochromatic styling is prominent. Another tailoring piece to look out for is worn near the end of the film, where she dons a brown Glen plaid check jacket with hints of red woven in the cloth. It's a strong patterned piece for the character, but one that looks the part and certainly means business in "The Gray Man" for Agent Suzanne Brewer.

He's the "Lone Wolf" and sent by Hansen (Chris Evans) to find Six (Ryan Gosling) and retrieve the secret files about the agency's work, whilst wearing a tailored suit that most definitely captured the attention of us. Played by Dhanush, Avik San/Lone Wolf manages to track down Six and Miranda (Ana de Armas) and soon enough, a fight scene breaks out. With a double vent on the back for ease of movement, Lone Wolf sports a two-piece patterned suit with hints of silver tones and golden hues included in its look. The jacket includes a two-button front and the classic flapped pockets near the bottom with a rounded front edge to the hem. The peak lapels mirror the grand style of the suit, paired with a shirt that's luxurious purple in colour and finished with a classic collar. Hints of purple can be seen in the cloth's design of the suit, making it a cohesive attire. Another piece to look out for is his red and blue geometric Nehru collar jacket or top with black buttons down the centre and a wide notch lapel coat worn over the top.

"The Gray Man" has most definitely included a strong variety of outfits and attires for the cast in this latest Netflix film and, with news released by the Russo brothers on their Instagram that a sequel and spin-off is in development, we can't wait for more! Which outfit from the film was your favourite?

If you've yet to see "The Gray Man", check out the trailer below!


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