Never Say Never Again - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

Never Say Never Again - Shaken and Not Stirred

Hello 007.

Well Bond, it appears we send you to the Shrublands health clinic to focus on a strict diet and get back into shape; but I've had my orders to bring you back. The Foreign Secretary has requested the double-0 programme be reinstated. You've been reassigned 007. I sincerely hope your edge is sharp once more (and sharp enough) for this mission.

The Mission

SPECTRE have hijacked two dummy missile warheads in the US Air Force's possession at their base in England, replacing them with live nuclear warheads. In exchange for the location of said missiles, Ernst Stavro Blofeld wants 25% of the respective country's annual oil purchases within 7 days. The release of the warheads come from the U.S. President with safeguards in place. It seems a fake eye was used, not realistic in the slightest 007;  but what you witnessed at the clinic - a certain U.S. Air Force Pilot named Captain Jack Petachi testing an eye-scanning machine - absurd as this fake eye theory is 007, it seems it is true. The woman you saw with him at the clinic we can confirm is Fatima Blush, SPECTRE's agent Number 12. Be careful of her Bond, she won't stop until you are dealt with if she saw you spying on her, as we believe she has already dealt with Jack Petachi. His sister, Domino Petachi, is out in the Bahamas. Find out what she knows about her brother's involvements, as she may have been led to believe her brother is coming back to her. Intel reports she is the girlfriend of businessman Maximillian Largo, and SPECTRE's Number One. The Foreign Office representative in the Bahamas, Mr. Nigel Small-Fawcett will discuss Largo more with you, especially as Largo plans to travel to Nice in his yacht, 'The Flying Saucer' before his base in Palmyra. Make contact with CIA agent Felix Leiter in Nice. Largo's hosting a charity event at a casino there. He's quite the player at 'Domination' Bond; but he is in for a shock with you as his opponent.

Your mission: Confirm the locations of the two missing warheads and ensure they are defused. Largo and SPECTRE must not win 007. It's time to save the world one more time.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

You know we never let you down on your mission wardrobes 007:

1) Light Tailoring

Time to keep your cool again 007 in a cream two-piece suit for your travels to the Bahamas, paired with a sky blue shirt and a silver grey and blue striped tie. A low 2-button front, double vent, flapped pockets, 3-button cuffs and straight leg trousers you'll find much to your liking.

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2) Evening Tuxedo

Attending Largo's charity event in Nice (albeit not formally on the guest list) is vital, so you'll look the part in a dashing two-piece single-breasted black tuxedo with contrasting satin notch lapels and the important bow tie of course. Your dress shirt is plain with black dress studs and one-button fastening on the jacket. Double jet pockets should keep the suit minimal enough for you Bond. Please keep it clean.

3) Cool and Casual

Not to fret 007, we've included a few more comfier and casual options too, including a grey V-neck jumper styled with a yellow striped polo neck underneath. A brown blouson jacket with shoulder epaulettes and buttoned cuffs, whilst we also throw a light blue summer shirt with two chest pockets on the front for good measure.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


Preparation is key for any vital encounters as you well know 007:

Maximillian Largo

Businessman in the oil industry and SPECTRE's Number One agent, be careful of him 007. Of course the perfect opportunity to meet him shall be at his charity event, of which he may be wearing a black dress shirt underneath a white textured double-breasted dinner jacket with black piping on his shawl collar and a 6-button front. During the day, he opts for a casual buttoned shirt with a jumper thrown over his shoulders for a casual look.

Fatima Blush

SPECTRE'S Number 12 who we believe is working for/with Largo to ensure the success of this plan. She may too be attending the casino, possibly wearing a dramatic black sequined/vinyl suit with a stand-up collar and train on the jacket, finished with a striking red lining. She too may be wearing a puffy sleeve white blouse and red cummerbund.

Domino Petachi

Captain Jack Petachi's sister and girlfriend of Largo, but she may hold clues as to where the missiles are with being around Largo. Expect to see her at the casino wearing a silver floor-length gown with embellishments on the bottom, an asymmetric neckline and ruffled cap sleeves, including a longer sleeve on her left arm.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Back again for another mission 007. I hope your time away the clinic has taught you how to be more mindful of my gadgets too:

Motorbike: A Yahama XJ 650 model to be precise, and we've kitted it out with extra turbo boost through the rocket in the back, and an extra bumper to ensure you aren't knocked off easily should you no doubt find yourself in a chase when in Nice.

Fountain Pen: This pen is not for writing letters or postcards during your mission 007. Inside the pen is an explosive dart, activated by the clip on the pen lid. The pen is mightier than the sword you might say.


The mission is simple 007: locate the missing warheads and stop SPECTRE in their tracks once more. We believe one of them is located in Washington which we shall work on deactivating, but the other is down to you. Use emergency code Tango Zebra 007 once aboard Largo's yacht when the perfect opportunity arises.

Oh and Bond, on behalf of the British Secret Service, Never Say Never Again to returning to service. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007.