On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Shaken and Not Stirred

Greetings 007.

It's been two years since 'Operation Bedlam' began and on the hunt for Blofeld after his escape in Japan. Whilst standing you down from the mission and your attempt to resign from the British Secret Service may have been a moment of frustration, we have Miss Moneypenny to thank for amending to your resignation to 2 weeks leave, which I approved. Now I believe you have some Intel.

The Mission

Now James, through your arrangement with the head of Unione Corse, Marc-Ange Draco is believed to know a connection to Blofeld possibly through that of a Swiss lawyer named Gumbold. You are to attend Draco's birthday party in Portugal. From there, you will be informed of Gumbold and travel to Switzerland with Draco and his daughter, Countess Teresa di Vicenzo, or "Tracy" as you know her very well. Documents within the office of the Swiss lawyer reveal Blofeld to be attempting to claim the title of 'Count Balthazar de Bleuchamp' through correspondence with London College of Arms genealogist, Sir Hilary Bray. Travel to Blofeld's clinic on Piz Gloria in the Swiss Alps. He is said to be curing a group female patients for their allergies, but we don't believe this to be the case. Find out what he's up to Bond so MI6 are prepared for what Blofeld has planned. He must not recognise you, so we entrust you to be as discreet as possible disguised as Sir Hilary Bray himself.

Your mission: Through your undercover role as the genealogist 'interested' in proving his recognition as the Count, convince Blofeld to leave Switzerland so MI6 can arrest him.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

The Alps are certainly colder than the streets of London or the sunshine of Portugal 007, so your pinstripe suits will not be entirely suitable for the mission. Please see visuals below:

1) Sporting Tweed

Whilst in Portugal for Draco's birthday, we've equipped you with a brown check sports tweed jacket designed with slanted pockets, notch lapels, single vent and a single button cuff. You'll pair it a beige roll neck, cravat and beige jodhpurs - a fitting ensemble for Draco's celebration.

2) 'Sir Hilary Bray'

You need to look the part of Hilary Bray, so here's a brown wool overcoat with cape, matched with your tweed trilby and brown gloves. It'll be very cold upon arrival into the Alps so layers are necessary.

3) Traditional Evening Attire

As guest at Blofeld's clinic, you will be invited to dinner, so wear your traditional Scottish Highland dress. It is a waist-length black jacket with silk lapels and a low-cut waistcoat with three buttons. The kilt is Black Watch tartan with its colours of dark green, blue and black plaid. Complete the attire with a white lace jabot on the neck and sporran in front of the kilt.

Please make sure not to dampen the evening's attire James. We're still trying to remove the sand from your dinner suit after your little fight on the beach as we speak.

4) Blue Anorak

For extra warmth amongst the cold and snow, these blue anorak and trousers are windproof and waterproof so you aren't likely to feel the cold. The anorak is fitted with a hood and pockets near the top and is a loose fit, allowing for ease of movement I'm sure against Blofeld and his workers.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


You're ready for your next encounter with Draco, but be prepared for:

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Ensure he does not recognise you 007, but you will of course recognise him. He will wear a Nehru-style jacket, brown in colour and fastened with four silver buttons, one left open. Around the jet pockets will be red embroidery, a detail also on his collar.

Countess Teresa "Tracy" di Vicenzo

Tracy is very important to you, and after rescuing her on the beach, you truly know how important she is to you. As you know her as Draco's daughter, she'll be attending his birthday wearing a tailored black jacket and knee-length skirt with an inverted pleat. Her white shirt is made with lace details on the front and on the decorated collar. Her fuchsia pink waistband and top hat define the attire. If you're in a spot of bother, she won't be far in Lauterbrunnen. Keep her close 007.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Right 007, now I know your love for cars (and your love for destroying them too but let's not dwell too much on that), but it looks like your transportation will be provided for you on this mission by the Countess.

Embed from Getty Images

If I have got this correctly, she drives a red Mercury Cougar XR7 so that should be quick enough to escape; however, I wouldn't recommend this vehicle for a rally 007.

Also with you is the Minox A/IIIs camera to record any documents or maps that might explain Blofeld's true intents with his patients. Be swift 007, and if you ever need anything...


Unfortunately this isn't a skiing holiday Bond, but it's best you get your skis on: we cannot lose Blofeld again. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.


On Her Majesty's Secret Service, stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007.