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Rosalie Otterbourne's Style in "Death on the Nile"

Rosalie Otterbourne, manager of singer Salome Otterbourne and her niece, played by Letitia Wright.

 She makes a certain and strong impression from the very first scene we see her in, at the club where her aunt Salome Otterbourne (played by Sophie Okonedo) is performing. Across the film, Rosalie establishes herself as well-educated and strong-willed, a confident character which her attire justifies so. Let's delve into just three of her styles from "Death on the Nile".

Outfit #1

To match the jazzy scene and atmosphere in the London club, Rosalie dazzles so effortlessly in a black dress with a neckline design that could be a blend of a crew and bateau style. The gown is sleeveless but with an element of padding in the shoulders and the subtle hint at sleeves evident through the vertical placement of the shiny fabric. The bodice leads down into a peplum-type hem sitting over the straight pencil skirt which falls to a low point. The illusion of layers using this shimmery cloth allows it to act as such under the evening jazz spotlight, showing us how successful of a manager she is.

 Outfit #2

From the night scene of London to aboard the SS Karnak, Rosalie still sports a few dazzling evening gowns, including a purple number seen above and a light blue embellished piece with flounced cap sleeves; but during the day, she would opt for a lemon yellow belted jacket and white skirt. The skirt is of a fitted pencil silhouette to the knee before flaring out with subtle flounces on the hem for extra shape and ease of movement. The sophistication of the 1930's fashion is maintained through the gathered and ruffled sleeves on the jacket, designed with fitted tall cuffs on the bottom to make them 1/4 length sleeves. The collar is wide and sits flat on the piece, whilst four buttons are fastened up and secured with the matching belt on the waist. The hem again flares out in a peplum style.

Outfit #3

The peplum style becomes Rosalie's statement in the film and in this particular outfit, the shape continues in this blue and white nautical attire of a skirt and top combination. The top of the attire is designed with similar cap gathered sleeves that have contrasting white turn-up cuffs. The cuffs meet at a point on the outer edge for a subtle extra touch of shape to the attire, almost lining up how much the shoulders stick out. The shirt collar is also contrasts the blue in white, as too do the buttons down the centre front and one where the welt pocket would be. For her accessory, she wears a matching navy and white patterned scarf/ascot around her neck, and is tucked into the open collar to soften the impact of the statement nautical style.

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