Shaken and Not Stirred - Welcome Mr. Bond - A Hand Tailored Suit

Shaken and Not Stirred - Welcome Mr. Bond

So, it says here your name is Commander Bond. James Bond.

Well Bond, nice for you to show up on time and report for duty in the British Secret Service. I trust I did not pull you away from your evening at the casino. To others, you work for Universal Exports but to us here at MI6, you are a Double-0 agent.

You are 007. 007, with a Licence To Kill.

It seems you have passed all your required assessments and are declared fit for service On Her Majesty's Secret Service. My name is M, head of the Secret Intelligence Service. Working for me in the Double-0 programme means you are a secret agent. I will be assigning you to top secret missions, delivered For Your Eyes Only.

You shall come across some of the world's most villainous figures in this line of work 007. This is your standard 9-5 job, as I am sure you are aware. You will encounter those who are willing to help, those who are double agents and those who have been caught up in a situation they cannot escape. It is vital you know who to trust. To these villainous figures, The World Is Not Enough for them. Their aim is to be successful in their devious crimes however they can. Some have a link to the main organisation we have been targeting: SPECTRE.

I am relying on you to complete these missions successfully with no major issues along the way. Of course 007, you shall be completing these missions in impeccable style too as you represent Crown and Country, and MI6.

Don't let us down 007.

Await your first brief 007, as we gather full Intel on SPECTRE agent, Dr. No...