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The Five Best Female Celebrities, Fashion Bloggers and Influencers to Follow if You Are Over Thirty

If you are over thirty, working, a parent, a bit lost with your style, or just don't want to wear what you used to in your teens and twenties, looking at what others are wearing for inspiration can often be helpful. However, many celebrities, bloggers, and influencers are very young and perhaps don't match what you consider appropriate for your lifestyle. They are, of course, gorgeous, fashionable, and trendy, but it can be more helpful to see people's styles closer to your own age so that the looks match more closely with your current life stage or you don't feel like you are trying to compete with your teenage daughter! That's why, here at A Hand Tailored Suit, we've put together five of the best celebrities, bloggers, and influencers over thirty who are perfect for inspiring you with their eye for colour, fit, the latest trends, and timeless classics.

#1 Lydia Rose @fashioninflux



Thirty-one-year-old Lydia Rose of Fashioninflux is only just in her thirties. Still, her Instagram, YouTube channel, and blog show her innate class and give excellent outfit inspiration and tips to style certain pieces and accessories. She gives style advice on everything from lingerie to formal wear.

#2 Victoria Magrath @victoria



Victoria Magrath is eminently qualified to provide you with fashion tips and inspiration with her PhD in Fashion, a best-selling book titled The New Fashion Rules, a blog called Inthefrow, and ambassadorships with Bvlgari, Dyson Hair and Armani Beauty. Her brand primarily focuses on higher-end labels, but her styling tips and rules will be useful to everyone.

#3 Alexa Chung @alexachung



Thirty-nine-year-old Alexa Chung is a television presenter, fashion designer, and ex-model. She has always been lauded for her sartorial choices, and her status as a trendsetter and designer's muse is still going strong in her late thirties. Alexa's Instagram provides inspiration for comfy everyday wear, push-the-envelope high fashion, and classic looks to suit any occasion.

#4 Hannah Desai @cocobeautea



Cocobeautea is seen as one of the original UK fashion bloggers. Hannah Desai's signature looks are ultra-modern with a dash of old-school glamour. She mixes high-end with high-street, creating looks that everybody can aspire to wear. 

#5 Lydia Millen @lydiamillen



Lydia Millen has over one million Instagram followers, a YouTube channel, TikTok, and a blog that concentrates on luxury fashion, fitness, and lifestyle. You'll need a lot of money to wear her classically chic outfits! Nevertheless, she provides good inspiration for combining different staples and accessories to elevate any look.

We hope this has helped you on your journey to a better-dressed you! 

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