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The Gentlemen at Wimbledon's Final Week: Who Was There

After a year away from the famous green tennis courts, like many sporting events, the Wimbledon Championships are back. Over the course of the last two weeks from the tournament's starting date (Monday 28th June 2021), we saw many fantastic tennis players take to the famous green courts as they played for the famous championship trophies across all categories. Spectators up to a 50% capacity were allowed to attend the event as part of the government's test pilot events, as the number rose throughout with a full crowd attending the finals. It was a pleasure to watch some great tennis on screen once more and spotted in the crowds at Wimbledon were a few famous faces! Here are some of the gentlemen who attended the final week of Wimbledon 2021 dressed for such the occasion, with many wearing Ralph Lauren.

Ashley Thomas

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When: Day Seven at Wimbledon (5th July 2021)

Singer Ashley Thomas (also known as Bashy) looked smart on day five of Wimbledon wearing a double-breasted jacket, white slim trousers and white shirt completely fastened up. The jacket itself is beige in colour, finished with six buttons on the front and fastened with one. Thin flapped pockets were also included as the singer accessorised with a white pocket square in the welt pocket. The trousers are cut with a sharp centre crease down the front and turned-up hem to sit just on top of his shoes, with front pockets included for the cool finish.

Damson Idris

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When: Day Seven at Wimbledon (5th July 2021)

Actor Damson Idris was also spotted wearing a smart ensemble, pairing a light brown Prince of Wales check jacket with bright orange tapered trousers, a blue striped shirt and green tie with thin navy stripes. The jacket itself includes notch lapels and a buttonhole on the left lapel whilst the collar on the same side shows an additional button loop. Patch pockets are included, with one on the chest and the two at the bottom whilst the jacket is fastened with the top button of a two-button front. The striped shirt is exposed slightly underneath the jacket sleeve as it included a button-down collar for the casual finish. The hem of the trousers are ankle length and link well to the colour of the jacket for this smart/casual piece.

Benedict Cumberbatch

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When: Day Eight at Wimbledon (6th July 2021)

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch turned up for the eighth day of the championships wearing a light duck egg blue three-piece suit with the matching colour satin band on his hat. The jacket is made with notch lapels and two buttons on the front, with two patch pockets on the bottom and a 4-button cuff formation on the sleeves. His waistcoat includes five buttons, designed without lapels as the neckline finishes near the bottom of the chest with thin double jet pockets and a notched hemline sitting on top of an open-collar white shirt. The trousers are pleated with a relaxed front and fit for the hem to sit just below the tops of his trainers.

Eddie Redmayne

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When: Day Nine at Wimbledon (7th July 2021)

Actor Eddie Redmayne was in attendance during day nine as he wore a beige two-piece suit, worn over a standard collar white shirt with a sand-coloured tie with a flat base to match the suit's buttons and shoes. On the jacket were notch lapels (with a buttonhole included in the left side), a welt pocket styled with a white pocket square and three flapped pockets. The back includes a double vent and buttons on the cuffs, leading into the slim straight-leg trousers with a centre crease down the front. Front pockets are also included with a noticeable turned-up hem on the trousers as it sits nicely on top of his shoes.

Edo Mapelli Mozzi

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When: Day Ten at Wimbledon (8th July 2021)

Edo Mapelli Mozzi, husband of Princess Beatrice, was also seen attending the championships with his wife as he sported a two-piece navy suit, accessorised a matching patterned blue tie and pocket square set. On the jacket were standard peak lapels sharp at the corner, whilst a single button was incorporated into the style of the item. The flapped pockets are refined as they sit on a slant with the jacket hem complete with a rounded edge. On the jacket sleeves are four buttons separated into a 2/2 design, with the white shirt sleeves sticking out of the jacket's. The back of the jacket is in a double vent design with soft shoulders.

David Beckham

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When: Day Eleven at Wimbledon (9th July 2021)

Former footballer David Beckham was there during day eleven of the tennis in London as he sported an off-white double-breasted jacket with sharp wide peak lapels and a blue shirt. Worn with dark navy blue trousers, he accessorised with a dark blue tie with light blue and white stripes, contrasted with a navy pocket square with white polka dots. On the front of the jacket are six buttons with one fastened and three flapped pocket including a buttonhole on the left lapel. The 4-button cuffs on the jacket are finished with contrasting buttonholes as the jacket hem is a straight base to pair with the sharp centre crease down the front of the trousers, with the hem sitting on top of his shoes.

Ncuti Gatwa

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When: Day Eleven at Wimbledon (9th July 2021)

Day eleven also saw the attendance of actor Ncuti Gatwa, whose ensemble for the event was a striped two-piece number worn with a white button-down collar shirt and pink-and-blue patterned tie. The jacket was single-breasted made with three buttons on the front, leaving only the bottom button unfastened for a modern look. Notch lapels, two patch pockets with pocket flaps and a welt pocket were also embedded into the design with the welt accessorised with a blue polka dot pocket square. On the trousers were front angled pockets and a subtle centre crease, with the trousers falling to below his ankles and brushing the shoes. Soft shoulders, a rounded hem on the jacket and 4-button cuffs can also be seen within his sartorial outfit.

Tom Cruise

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When: Day Twelve at Wimbledon (10th July 2021)

Actor Tom Cruise attended the penultimate day of Wimbledon 2021 with Pom Klementieff and Hayley Atwell as he opted for a navy three-piece suit, paired with a white shirt and accessorised with a beige tie. His jacket was single-breasted with notch lapels, welt pocket and two double jet pockets sitting just below the waist with a rounded hem at the base of the garment. The shoulders are slightly rounded as the sleeves fall to the wrist and finished with a 4-button cuff, matching the black buttons on the waistcoat. No lapels are included with the opening high on his chest and the tall shirt collar sitting almost level with the neckline. The trousers are cut in a straight leg and include sharp centre creases on the front before finishing on the shoes.

Oliver Proudlock

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When: Final Day at Wimbledon (11th July 2021)

TV personality and design Oliver Proudlock attended the final day of the famous tennis tournament with his wife Emma Louise Connolly, wearing a three-piece royal blue suit in a windowpane check design. On the double-breasted jacket were rounded peak lapels, a double vent and flapped pockets just below the waist, with the pattern-matched welt pocket defined through the subtle showing of a white pocket square. With 4-button cuffs on the jacket sleeves and a straight hemline, the waistcoat is just exposed with the high neckline and printed blue tie against the light blue shirt. The trousers were sharp with the centre crease and a tailored fit with the hem sitting just on top of the shoe.

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