The Gentlemen: Freddy Horniman - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Gentlemen: Freddy Horniman

This March, on Netflix, an exciting new series by Guy Ritchie premiered. It's a series that extends the world of his 2020 film The Gentlemen onto television. Although the series has the same name, it features brand new characters and plot lines, but it also has the same Guy Ritchie-esque gangster charm many of us know and love from the movie. Take a look at the trailer below (Warning: very strong language).

The series follows the adventures of the aristocratic Horniman family over eight episodes. After the ninth Duke dies, Eddie Horniman (played by Theo James), soldier and second son, is surprised (as is everyone else) to find that he has inherited the title and estate over his feckless older brother Freddy. Shockingly, it's not the only secret that his father has been hiding. Eddie, the newly minted tenth Duke of Halstead, is stunned to discover that his ancient family holdings are being run as a cannabis farm by a large and powerful gangster family headed by Susie Glass (Kaya Scodelario) in her incarcerated father's absence (Ray Winstone). At first, Eddie tries to extricate himself from the arrangement. However, after discovering Freddy is in debt to the tune of eight million pounds to a bunch of different gangsters, Eddie concedes that the unconventional arrangement is his only way forward. Throughout the series, we see the escapades this somewhat ungentlemanly life (and his brother Freddy's antics) lead him into. 

The costumes were curated and designed by LouLou Bontemps (@maisonbontemps). The stories of the Hornimans, Susie Glass, and the other characters are skilfully embedded into each outfit. 

Freddy Horniman (Daniel Ings)

As the firstborn son, Freddy expects to inherit the Halstead title and estate. He's appalled to discover that he's been passed over for his younger brother, Eddie, because of his irresponsibility. In the first episode, his hilarious response to his disinheritance is, "Ever heard of 'primogenital?'". The most iconic of Freddy's looks comes at the conclusion of Episode one due to the deal Eddie has made to extricate him from the enormous debt he has run up.



@maisonbontemps chose to go all out for that particular costume, making the chicken by hand with real feathers. It added extra drama and suspense to the whole scene. 

Unlike Eddie, Freddy is delighted to find out about the cannabis farm on the estate and instantly wants to try out the gangster life. Another of Freddy's iconic outfits is the fight night look. The whole ensemble (a fur coat over a shirt, tie, and coral velvet slacks) shouts that Freddy is playing dress up as a 'wannabe' gangster.



Freddy's everyday style is a mix of vintage and new. His clothes look like he's been wearing the same pieces for years, but they are expensive and high quality. He mixes clashing pieces like cord trousers, a Fair Isle jumper, and a tweed jacket. He knows the 'correct' rules for dressing, but because of his arrogance and sense of security in his aristocratic position, he doesn't care if the pieces match or if his shirt is ironed or even tucked in.







Freddy's style doesn't evolve over the series like Eddie's does. He is always supremely confident that whatever he is wearing is suitable for the occasion, even if, to most people, it's not. His character essentially stays the same, too, although he shows a little more self-awareness and humility towards the end. 

The Takeaways 

Have you watched The Gentlemen on Netflix? Will you be watching? Keep an eye open for the other character's outfit choices and style evolutions. Would you wear any of the pieces displayed by Freddy Horniman?

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