The Man With The Golden Gun - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Man With The Golden Gun - Shaken and Not Stirred

Good morning 007.

I trust your return back from San Monique was a smooth journey, something that proves somewhat difficult in your line of work.

Bond, I am to relieve you of your current assignment regarding the energy crisis. A golden bullet engraved with "007" arrived requesting special delivery to you. The CIA have analysed it for prints, believed to have been sent from a man called Scaramanga: The Man with the Golden Gun. Your knowledge of him is useful, but nobody knows where he is or what he looks like, or furthermore what else he is up to. We cannot have you operating with an assassin actively looking for you. But, if you found him first of course, well the situation will prove different wouldn't you agree?

The Mission

Q-Branch know the golden bullet you retrieved in Beirut is made in Macau by Lazar, the maker of this special weapon. Travel there where he will kindly inform you these bullets are to be shipped to Hong Kong and collected by a woman named Miss. Anders, a partner somewhat to Scaramanga. 007, it is absolutely vital you find her. The energy scientist, Gibson, whom you were tracking, is also in Hong Kong. We cannot treat this as a coincidence, so we must assume Gibson is Scaramanga's next target. Gibson is in possession of the Solex Agitator, a device that can be destructive if it falls into the wrong hands. Intel have uncovered the assassin has been hired by entrepreneur Hai Fat to retrieve the agitator to be weaponized. I doubt Scaramanga will simply take his payment and walk away from such a powerful device. We have liaised with Lieutenant Hip of Hong Kong police to help you, Bond. Work alongside him and fellow MI6 agent, Miss. Goodnight in Bangkok. She will plant a tracking device within Scaramanga's car where you will trace him back to an Island in the Red Chinese waters. Travel there to discover his intentions; let's hope his current golden gun is to be upgraded.

Your mission: Retrieve the Solex Agitator and track down Scaramanga. Ensure he is taken care of before he takes care of you 007. In the time of this energy crisis, the title of "007" is much more vital to the world than "The Man with the Golden Gun".

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

Ah, not to worry 007. You can always rely on us to equip you with the best attire so you always look your best:

1) Double-Breasted Attire

Don't think we haven't noticed your fondness for double-breasted suits recently (your light grey pinstripe ensemble was quite the statement) so you have an olive striped two-piece with wide peak lapels and slanted flapped pockets on the front. The six-button piece is paired with a cream striped twill shirt and olive tie to match.

2) White Tuxedo

Always best to be prepared for a last minute invitation to dinner 007, and this white double-breasted tuxedo suit with peak lapels, paired with a standard dress shirt and black bow tie should suffice. Double vent on the jacket for extra ease of movement, as required in this line of work.

3) Safari Jacket

Upon arrival into Macau, you shall wear a cream long-sleeve safari jacket with its usual features of four patch pockets on the front with buttoned flaps, flat epaulettes on the shoulders, sleeve belts and small notch lapels - paired with your preferred style of flared trousers in a lovely shade of brown. You may find a green Safari linen shirt with rolled-up sleeves matched with cream flared trousers more suitable for during the day.

4) Casual Jacket? Check

Looking cool in warmer climates comes naturally to you, and this grey/green and red plaid Glen check sports jacket is perfect. Notch lapels, pattern-matched slanted pockets, soft shoulders and a two-button fastening, style it with a cream lightweight shirt and I believe you have an ensemble that will demonstrate to Scaramanga how 007 always keeps his cool whatever the situation.

 Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


There are many new faces on this mission Bond, so we've prepared a short list of who you could meet:

Francisco Scaramanga

Miss. Anders will know his usual attire well, but Intel suggests he usually sports a white linen suit with a high cut on the jacket, black tie and gold jewellery. It's his signature outfit, along with his signature weapon of choice. No doubt remembering he also has a third nipple, a definitive feature about the assassin.

Miss. Anders

She may be linked to Scaramanga, but she may too be in danger around him. Upon arrival into Hong Kong, you'll recognise her wearing a lightweight white or cream tie-wrap dress with a V-neck and bishop-style sleeves.

Miss. Goodnight

Miss. Mary Goodnight is already in Hong Kong awaiting your arrival. She will be wearing a green, black and white geometric-printed sleeveless dress with matching headscarf and small notch lapels. You may find she wears a sand short-sleeve shirt with patch pocket, a wider collar and high-waisted brown trousers as part of her mission wardrobe.

Nick Nack

A loyal accomplice and servant to Scaramanga on his island, Nick Nack likes to maintain a smart, professional dress. Intel suggests he most likely wears a black two-piece suit when he's not wearing his peaked lapel tailcoat with gold buttons. A bowler hat is his preferred choice of millinery should you need further information.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Rolex Submariner Watch: No fancy contraptions this time 007 on your trusty Rolex Submariner, it's simply a classic and very perfect choice of accessory to go with your array of refined tailoring.

Fake Nipple: Oh really 007...well you did ask for it, so should you feel the need to disguise yourself as Scaramanga himself, a fake third nipple is available to you. I suppose we should stay authentic.

I trust you to use adequate transportation when it's at your disposal. I understand Lieutenant Hip is providing part of your transportation but upon my recommendation, the AMC Hornet X is a great one should you need to chase down Scaramanga. But please Bond, don't spiral it out of control...


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Scaramanga may have a $1million-per-hit weapon; but rest assured when the time comes between two gentlemen, your quick-thinking and clever wit  will prevail against all else. Find him and find the Solex Agitator in this time of crisis Bond. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.


Stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007.