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The Sartorial Effect of Luca Changretta

Luca Changretta, leader of the Changretta family, out to seek a personal vendetta against the Shelby's.

Played by Adrien Brody, he was a primary character in series 4 of the show and made himself known in the very first episode. The Italian-American mobster became head of his family after the Shelby brothers killed his father, Vicente Changretta, and his brother too. After finding out the information, his mission became clear; head to Birmingham to seek vendetta and duel with Thomas Shelby. Luca Changretta brought with him a sort of confidence and attitude, and that certainly reflected in his attire. Here are our top 3 outfits from the sartorial wardrobe of Luca Changretta.

Outfit #1

Series 4

Changretta's look really focused heavily around the double-breasted overcoat and his trilby hat. He would have a toothpick in his mouth and be jewelled up with rings on his hands. This particular look is him ready for action as he sports a wide peak lapel overcoat with high flapped pockets and a contrasting collar. The lapels were finished with reinforced stitching because of the thickness of the wool, an embroidered buttonhole neatly sewn and the cuffs finished with three buttons. His white shirt is made with double cuffs and a narrow collar that's long at the front. His tie is primarily burgundy with a polka dot design, subtle enough to look well-dressed and styled well with the rest of the outfit. The rounded shoulders were subtle; yet they delivered in the stance and role of status he represented.

Outfit #2

Series 4

 A pinstripe or chalkstripe suit is very iconic with the businessman lifestyle; but Luca being the head of his family and head of his mob who worked in the liquor industry (which during the 1920's, was a booming industry); a pinstripe suit was a perfect choice like this grey number. It's a three-piece suit with the waistcoat cut high and finished with lapels around the neckline. Peak lapels featured on the jacket along with pattern-matching flapped and welt pockets on the front. The three-button cuff was the style and with padded shoulders once more, it gave a strong look. The waistcoat had a notched hem and was styled with a waistcoat pocket chain, just to show off his dapper way of dressing even more.

Outfit #3

Series 4

Luca Changretta, series 4: "We are an organisation of a different dimension, you dress well, Mr. Shelby. But now I see, not so well as me."

As we already know, Luca Changretta loves his double-breasted overcoats and pinstripe suits; so combine the two together and this is what you get. Underneath the dark overcoat, he wears a navy blue pinstripe two-piece suit with white stripes running through, picked up perfectly through the white shirt. The top button on the jacket is fastened with the bottom one left open so he's not too restricted in his movements. The jacket it quite long on the body, curving gently down to the hem and sitting nicely over the top of his wide-leg trousers. The turn-up hem was common and was the choice of style for these as a centre crease also aided to the status Luca Changretta had. He knew how to dress, and he knew how sartorially sharp he was too.

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