The Timeline & Construction Of A Bespoke Suit - A Hand Tailored Suit

The Timeline & Construction Of A Bespoke Suit

What is a Bespoke Handmade Suit?

A bespoke handmade suit is a high-end garment that is handcrafted by a skilled tailor to fit the unique shape of your body. The term "bespoke" comes from an Old English word meaning "made to order," and it's often used in conjunction with other words like "custom" or "handmade."
Bespoke suits are different from ready-to-wear (RTW) suits because they're made specifically for you and your measurements. In contrast, RTW suits come pre-cut based on industry standard sizes, which means they're not as well-tailored or flattering as bespoke garments. While RTW garments can be altered by tailors after purchase, this process can be expensive--and even then it may not result in the perfect fit you're looking for!
The advantages of investing in a high quality bespoke handmade suit include:

The Process of Creating a Bespoke Handmade Suit

  • The process of creating a bespoke suit is a long one, but the results are worth it. It can take anywhere from 2-4 fittings before your suit is complete, and each fitting will involve several steps:

  • Your measurements will be taken by the tailor who will then use these numbers to create your pattern.

  • You'll then have an opportunity to select fabrics for your suit--this is where you get to choose between different colors and textures!

  • Once everything has been decided on (including buttons), the final step is getting ready for delivery!

The Timeline of a Bespoke Handmade Suit

The timeline of a bespoke handmade suit is recommended to be about eight to twelve weeks. The process starts with your initial consultation, where we discuss what you're looking for and what fits best. After that, it takes about four weeks to create the pattern and cut out all of the pieces for your suit. Once we have everything ready to go, we'll start sewing! Each step takes time & exceptional craftsmanship. First comes fitting adjustments (to make sure everything fits just right), then final construction on one side at a time until both sides are complete. 
Once both sides are finished up--and after another round of adjustments--we'll send over some photos so that you can see how amazing it looks in real life before shipping off your new masterpiece! 

The Construction of a Bespoke Handmade Suit

The construction of a bespoke handmade suit is an art form. Each part of the suit has been carefully considered and designed to ensure that it fits perfectly, looks great, and lasts for years to come.
The first thing you'll notice about your suit when it arrives is that there are no buttons or zippers--that's because all our garments are made with hidden closures so they can be easily put on without having to fumble around with buttons or zippers. This also means that there are no visible seams on any part of your garment which makes it look more streamlined than other types of suits (and helps keep them cleaner).
Our jackets feature shoulder pads that have been hand-stitched into place rather than being glued down like most off-the-rack garments; this gives them added structure while still allowing room for movement in case you need any extra space during an activity! We use only high quality fabrics such as wool, merino wool, mohair, cashmere, silk, cotton & linens from Italy and the UK because they're known for their ability withstand wear over time while maintaining their shape nicely throughout wearings.

The Finishing Touches of a Bespoke Handmade Suit

The finishing touches of a bespoke handmade suit are what make it truly special. The details of your suit can be as important as the fit, so it's important to choose them wisely.
The lining is an important part of any garment, but especially so when it comes to suits and sport coats. The type of lining you choose will affect how your clothes look on you and how they feel when worn. Linings made from silk or wool will add weight where needed while still being breathable; cotton linings are more lightweight and easier to care for; synthetic materials like polyester have no natural fibers at all but keep their shape well over time; leathers will give off a luxurious impression while providing warmth in winter months--and they're also quite durable!
Linings come in many different styles: single-breasted jackets usually use an asymmetrical double-breasted style with one side buttoned closed while double-breasted versions feature two symmetrical closures instead (this allows them to open fully). For waistcoats or vests with lapels--which we recommend wearing under single-breasted suits--you'll want something more streamlined than those found on regular shirts since these tend toward casual styling anyway."



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