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The Wardrobe of Oswald Mosley

Sir Oswald Mosley, MP for Smethwick, neighbouring Thomas Shelby's constituency within Birmingham.

Played by Sam Claflin, Sir Oswald Mosley made his appearance in series 5 and is to appear in the final series of "Peaky Blinders." Being a Cabinet adviser to the Prime Minister of Great Britain (Winston Churchill) and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, he has experience of the political world, setting up his own political party of the British Union of Fascists at the end of series 5. His experience becomes evident to Thomas Shelby when Mosley introduces himself at parliament. He's wanting to join forces with the head of the Shelby family; but his motives cause the Shelby's to keep a close eye. As they say: keep your friends close; but your enemies closer. With the rank of society Mosley has, it's clear to see he can dress impeccably well. Whilst we wait to see what Mosley has in store in 1934, we've selected the best 3 of his outfits so far.

 Outfit #1

Series 5

The stance, the suit and the accessories that Mosley wears here is enough to portray the power and place he is in society. The suit is a three-piece and cut from navy herringbone, very noticeable in the subtle light. Peak lapels sit on the chest of this double-breasted piece, finished with three buttons on the cuffs and a light patterned pocket square to accompany his shirt. The shirt itself is striped as the narrow collar brings attention to his navy blue and burgundy striped tie. He's a man who appears to like coordinating to dress impeccably. The cut of the waistcoat is also double-breasted, designed with an eight-button (4x4) front and to finish, it's accessorised with a gold chain to cement his place, and have it known to others.

Outfit #2

Series 5

As his parliamentary and political life would require him to travel, Sir Mosley would need to be equipped with a fine overcoat and trilby hat, just as he wore here. The symbolic nature of the peak lapels continued to his double-breasted coat, albeit the best choice to have; but one that doesn't shy away from conveying his power. The navy coat is contrasted by the velvet black collar which is mirrored through the button choices on the front and his hat. Flapped pockets sit either side with a welt pocket evident on the chest. Underneath, he wears the same herringbone blue suit and shirt, a silver tie clip maintaining the sleek look to his attire. Buttonholes are neatly sewn on the lapels, details which are refined and adequate for the MP.

Outfit #3

Series 5

Oswald Mosley, series 5: "...Our enemies deal in bricks and stones and bottles. We deal in reasoned principle, argument and fact." 

As he would have a clean suit for his day-to-day business, so too would he have an appropriate evening attire to wear when the occasion called for it. In the final episode, he wears a three-piece evening tuxedo to a ballet performance which he accessorises with the appropriate black bow tie, as keeping to the dress code. In the welt pocket is a folded white pocket square, linking to his white dress shirt with a wing collar and pearlescent dress studs. The double-breasted waistcoat sit low on the chest, finished with lapels on the neckline and a short six-button front. A satin stripe is seen down the sides of the trousers which are finished with double pleats in the waist to create extra fullness. With wide peak lapels on the jacket, all these details come to form a wardrobe that is significant to his status, his power.

It's also worth including this tweed check sports jacket he wears upon a meeting with Thomas Shelby also, wearing his own houndstooth check flat cap. Has Thomas Shelby met his match in the final series?

Which suiting ensemble was your favourite worn by Sir Mosley in this series? Relive the best of the Peaky Blinders ensembles on our blog as we delve into all of the Shelby family, along with the characters they've had to deal with along the way.

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