The World Is Not Enough - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

The World Is Not Enough - Shaken and Not Stirred

Hello 007.

The fatality of Sir Robert King after you recovered his money is certainly tragic, particularly considering the incident took place within MI6 Headquarters. MI6 are humiliated. Now you have learnt of the past kidnapping of his daughter and how dealt with it with my advice. It seems the money recovered is a message from the person responsible: he's back 007, and we think King's daughter is next.

The Mission

The person is question is Victor "Renard" Zokas, a former KGB agent who was responsible for the kidnapping of Sir Robert's daughter, Elektra King. I'm sending you to Azerbaijan and assigning you to protect her at all costs. She escaped Renard before and I don't want her hurt again. She's taken over the construction of her father's pipeline of which there are three other Russian pipelines around the King's. Renard's men will be finding her, so I suggest you find who they are. Possibly an insider is working for Renard. Your friend Valentin Zukovsky owns a casino in Baku I understand? Meet him and confirm who works for Renard and if they work for Elektra too. Intel last reports a sighting of Renard at a Russian nuclear missile base in Kazakhstan disguised as one of the workers. Confront him. A Dr. Christmas Jones works at the base and will know the full operations of the bombs, very crucial information. It could be Renard plans to blow up the King pipeline to hurt Elektra; however 007, we have discovered Elektra's $1 million payout to Zukovsky at the casino was to supply her a submarine, where the stolen bomb's plutonium will be used to create a substantial destruction. It is in Istanbul, also where the King's competitor's pipelines are. With them destroyed, Elektra becomes the sole distributor of oil and own a priceless supply.

Your mission: Stay close to Elektra whilst you can. Find Renard and locate the bomb he has stolen. We know of the past between Elektra and Renard, but maybe we do not know the full extent of their link to one another.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

Your suits are ready for this mission 007:

1) Dinner Suit

A two-piece midnight blue dinner suit for when you attend the casino in Baku to track down Valentin Zukovsky is a lovely choice. The peak lapel jacket includes a soft shoulder line to match the elegance of the suit, along with 4-button cuffs on the sleeves. The shirt is a textured dress shirt with double cuffs and a classic collar for your matching blue bow tie.

2) Classic Tailoring

The classic tailoring is included 007, with a choice of two grey two-piece suits including this one. Wear with a classic button-up shirt and suitable wide red patterned tie. The jacket is your preferred three-button front with two flapped pockets and short notch lapels with 4-button cuffs. The trousers are straight with the smart centre crease and belt loops for your black buckled belt.

3) Cream Suit

A linen suit for your journey to Istanbul, with this cream two-piece the preferred choice. Wear with a button-up blue shirt with white buttons and single cuffs. On the jacket is a single vent, subtle patch pockets, short notch lapels and a three-button front with a 4-button cuff. The trousers are slim with belt loops to style your belt again.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


These are the names you will be meeting:

Elektra King

Daughter of Sir. Robert King and heir to her father's oil company. When you see her again in Azerbaijan, she will be wearing a black wrap jacket with structured shoulders and a split side hem that is designed with a delicate floral pattern. Her brown trousers will include a slight flare and she will accessorise with a grey wrap. Keep your eye on her 007.


Also known as Victor Zokas, previously attacked by 009 after Elektra escaped her kidnapping. His choice of attire will not be worn the first time you see him as he will be disguised as a worker at the Russian missile base in Kazakhstan. His preferred wardrobe is a double-breasted leather jacket with an eight-button front, very short notch lapels and a wide collar. He wears black trousers and a black chunky knit fastened with a blue zip.

Dr. Christmas Jones

A nuclear physicist working at the Russian base in Kazakhstan and she'll be of great help stopping the bomb. You may find her wearing a grey safari-style shirt with box pleat button-down patch pockets on the front, a short collar and rolled up sleeves. A pink vest top and black trousers are the preferred pieces she wears with the shirt.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Now pay attention 007 for the final time, and thank you for destroying my fishing boat for my retirement! I hope my replacement will have better luck with equipment returning back in one piece:

A nice and warm inflatable coat, thick enough to protect you against the cold should you find yourself skiing and, in case of emergency, pull on the cord and an inflatable sphere will inflate from the back protecting you inside. Always good to be prepared as you know 007.

A couple of accessories for you 007 including a pair of blue-tinted X-ray glasses and your trusted OMEGA watch with the regular rappel designed into it. Please do try to keep this watch in tact 007.

Your transportation for this mission with this silver BMW Z8, fully loaded with rockets, infra-red system and a high-tech listening device should you require the use of these extra parts. Now 007, remember the two things I have always tried to teach you...


We don't know how much Elektra's kidnapping by Renard truly affected her 007. If she finds out why her ransom was not paid immediately, that is something learnt which she will never forgive. It seems the world is simply not enough for these people if Renard and Elektra are working together. You will understand that, as per your family motto. Whatever you do Bond, stop them. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007.