Thunderball - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

Thunderball - Shaken and Not Stirred

Greetings 007.

Welcome 007. Here is your new brief.

Codename: Thunderball.

The Mission

We have some Intel. SPECTRE operative Emilio Largo, known as SPECTRE'S Number Two, has come up with a plan to have NATO held for ransom of £100 million worth of diamonds by hijacking and hiding two atomic bombs from a Royal Air Force (RAF) Avro Vulcan strategic jet bomber during a training exercise. Of course 007, that plan is now missing off the radar. It appears Largo has arranged for his SPECTRE operative Count Lippe to continue their plan. It appears he is at the same health clinic as you 007, Shrublands, that is an untimely coincidence, but shall be an unfortunate one for him 007 when he encounters you. We believe this Count Lippe plans to hire Angelo Palazzi to ensure the theft of the bombs. With further help from SPECTRE agent Fiona Volpe, they plan to have Palazzi and his face surgically altered to that of French Air Force pilot François Derval, who has been assigned to assist in the training exercise at the air base near the health clinic. You could say it's the perfect cover. I do not need to stress this point any further 007, but unless SPECTRE are paid the ransom within a few days, they shall target a city either in the United Kingdom or United States. All Double-00 agents are on high alert. Travel to Nassau in the Bahamas 007, and question Derval's sister to see if she knew her brother's involvement. Your good friend in the CIA, Felix Leiter, will be there to assist further.

Your mission: Infiltrate and stop Largo from completing his mission and ensure those bombs do not end up in the hands of SPECTRE. This is their most ambitious operation to date 007, let's remove them of that joy shall we?

Please continue reading for a brief of your expected attire for the mission 007.

Mission Wardrobe

007, below you’ll find a breakdown of the clothing required for the mission. As per your brief above, a large portion of your mission will take place in the Bahamas. Dressing accordingly for a tropical island is a must. We’ve arranged some sartorial casual outfits for you to keep looking the part as you represent crown and country, whilst being comfortable in warmer climates.

1) Cotton and Linen

The choice of fabrics will be extremely important here 007. Cotton and linen as well as cloths such as seersucker will be the best option to keep you cool under pressure as well and under the tropical sun of Barbados.

2) Cuban Collar Shirt

The Rever or Cuban collar is a great option to take a normal button-up shirt and give it a more tropical, casual feel while still remaining elevated and sartorial. Gentlemen and shorts are rarely uttered in the same sentence but you may need to gather Intel around the hotel pool. Linen or cotton shorts are the only shorts a gentleman should ever sport and they should be tailored and never fall on or below the knee.

3) Classic Tailoring

The first suit in your mission wardrobe will be this shark-skin grey two piece, with jetted pockets, welted breast pockets, double vents, and a slightly lower first button placement as per your current preference 007. Your second suit will be a flannel three-piece, a high cut on the waistcoat, a nice structured shoulder and of course notch lapels.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


I do hope you are ready for these encounters 007:

Colonel Emilio Largo

The infamous Largo and SPECTRE's agent Number Two. There's a chance you shall encounter him in the Bahamas 007 at the casino. His preferred casino attire is an ivory dinner jacket paired with suitable black tailored trousers. His jacket is a double-breasted cut with a four-button front, the shawl collar a smooth, suitable choice. His white dress shirt is double-cuffed, worn with silver cufflinks and a black bow tie. His cuffs are a 4-button arrangement.

Fiona Volpe

Intel reports Miss. Volpe will be in Nassau. She appears to be a fan of wearing blue, as an evening attire of hers includes a knee-length blue dress, a sparkly one too. Look out for her SPECTRE-engraved ring. The top is fitted with the skirt a straight cut, fastened with a zip down the back. The neckline is scooped as is the back, accessorising with an evening party feather boa.

Domino Derval

It appears Domino is not only Mr. Derval's sister, but also Largo's mistress. She'll be in Nassau too at the casino wearing a spaghetti strap knee-length evening gown with a pleated section on the top. She will accessorise with a shiny silver necklace, white clutch and a luxurious white/silver fur wrap.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Welcome back 007, Q-Branch has prepared a special item for you:

We’ve teamed up with Breitling to bring you a piece perfect for your upcoming mission. We’ve also commissioned Valley Tool Company to create a bespoke underwater ‘Geiger counter’ case with glazed bezel for the Breitling timepiece. This is a one-of-a-kind piece and there is only one produce. Please don’t misplace it 007.


Stop the bombs falling into the hands of SPECTRE at all cost. Maim or kill anyone that may prevent you from completing your mission and remember 007, you’re representing Crown and Country. Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe, stay stylish.

Yours Sincerely,