Tomorrow Never Dies - Shaken and Not Stirred - A Hand Tailored Suit

Tomorrow Never Dies - Shaken and Not Stirred

Welcome 007.

You've seen the latest development of the situation regarding HMS Devonshire in the South China sea. It seems the Chinese have carried out the attack on the vessel after the Devonshire were in their territorial waters. The incident has already made front page news in the "Tomorrow" newspaper. The owner, Elliot Carver, certainly likes to be the very first to break the news, but I have my suspicions.

The Mission

A strange signal was picked up from one of Carver's satellites as the attack occurred. Travel to Hamburg to attend the launch party of Carver's new satellite at the Carver Media Centre. Interrogate him as a very interested banker and find out how he was able to report the incident so early, considering the Vietnamese only found the Devonshire crew a few hours prior. Might I suggest you interrupt his launch? I'm sure he will be pleased with that. His wife, Paris Carver will be there, someone you know well I understand. I would advise finding out what she knows about her husband and how to intercept his headquarters. From what Intel reports, the Devonshire was sent off-course by an encoder similar to one Henry Gupta escaped with from the Russian air base; however, our informants at the U.S Air Force base reports it has been tampered with. Beware of Mr. Stamper working for Carver, who commands a stealth ship supposedly belonging to Carver. I would also be prepared to meet a Chinese Ministry State agent whose mission is the same called Wai Lin. For the benefits of both our countries 007, I'd advise you work together. The Devonshire carried missiles on board and one is reported missing. We should suspect Carver has it and is responsible for the sinking. We cannot intercept unless the ship is out of stealth mode and we have proof the he is to blame for the sinking of HMS Devonshire.

Your mission: It may be worth noting that China were the only ones who refused broadcasting rights for Carver's new satellite. He will ensure a way of securing those rights. Confirm it was Carver who sent the ship off course and prevent any plans he has in place if he has that missile. 007, we do not want a war.

Please continue reading for a brief of your mission wardrobe.

Mission Wardrobe

Your wardrobe for this mission 007, as chosen adequately:

1) Camel Overcoat

For your arrival into Hamburg, best to be dressed in case it is quite cool and this camel overcoat is the perfect piece. Double-breasted with a six-button front, wide peak lapels and slightly wider shoulders, the coat includes flapped pockets and 4-button cuffs for the necessary finishing touches.

2) Dinner Suit

We're sending you to Carver's launch party with a three-piece dinner suit, paired with a white dress shirt with a panelled front and double cuffs for the clean evening look. The waistcoat is double-breasted and has a scooped neckline, with the jacket a peak lapel single-breasted option and the required bow tie for you to look the part.

3) Sharp Tailoring

You have couple of suits to wear upon this mission Bond, your first being a navy three-piece with a patterned gold tie for your arrival into Hamburg, made with notch lapels and welt pockets on the jacket and single-breasted waistcoat. Please note it works well with your camel coat.

Your second suit is a dark grey two-piece with a three-button front on the jacket and slim trousers, short notch lapels and flapped pockets, including the ticket pocket style. This light blue double-cuffed shirt will work with this wide burgundy tie and blue polka dots.

Continue reading 007 to prepare for mission encounters.


Let's bring you up to speed on encounters 007:

Elliot Carver

We know the power he has over the media, and it appears he sticks to the one outfit: a black roll neck worn underneath a single-breasted Nehru jacket with a classic collar, flapped pockets and lined in white, leaving the bottom button unfastened. He pairs the items with plain black trousers.

Paris Carver

I am aware of your previous encounters with her, so I trust you won't forget what she looks like. She'll attend the launch party of her husband's satellite wearing a black fitted evening gown, floor-length with a sweetheart neckline and scooped back. The top of the gown includes pleating into the sleeves embellished with feathers and shaped like a cape draped round the back.

Wai Lin

The agent may attend the launch party like you to uncover Carver's intentions, possibly wearing a silver halter neck dress with an embellished collar. Another attire of choice for her when you encounter her again will be a dark brown leather jumpsuit with a wide belt across the hips fastened with a silver buckle. It has a zip front and structured shoulders with a collar included.

Please continue reading below for your brief from Q-Branch.


Now pay attention 007, so you can return my equipment in one piece and in pristine condition:

Your new phone 007 and the latest from Q-Branch: the Ericsson JB988 designed with a number of features, including a fingerprint scanner and a 20,000 volt security system to ensure your phone is not stolen. It also can drive your lovely new car 007...

Embed from Getty Images

Introducing the BMW 750i, designed with your usual refinements such as machine guns, rockets, tracking system and saw blades that appear through the BMW badge. The tyres can also self-inflate should they need it, which with your track record of my cars 007 is heavily required. I'm making sure the insurance waiver is signed before I send you out on the roads in Hamburg with this car...there's only so much the computer programmed inside can tell you!


We have 48 hours until an attack will be launched on the Chinese by orders of the British Minister of Defence. Once you have confirmation Carver is responsible for the attack, communicate that message to me as soon as possible. Carver seems to think "Tomorrow" will never die: let's give him a breaking news story shall we? Please see extra visuals below for this mission.

Stay safe and stay stylish.

Good luck 007.