Before The Fitting (How We Got Here) 

We follow the old traditions of reserving cloth & having your unique body profile & pattern cut.


Step 1). Measurements

During your measurement session, we will take over 30 measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Constructing the fit of your garment is a dialogue between you and your tailor.

Pattern Cutting

Step 2). Pattern Drafting

Every pattern is hand drawn & cut for each and every client – no template pattern is ever used.

Tailor working in his shop cutting a roll of dark fabric on which he has marked out the pattern of the garment he is making with tailors chalk, close up view

Step 3). Cutting Your Cloth

This simply means you are able to fully customize your fit, your style and your design and we can replicate that design whenever you wish.

*Please note some third party cloths can take a number of weeks to source directly from mill.

Tailoring Process 3 0f 3

Step 4). Personal Touches

Each bespoke piece we make for our clients is individually designed with plenty of extra details.


Step 5). Our Finishing Touches

A Hand Tailored Suit, Its not just a logo. It’s a nod to the master craftsmen & craftsmanship that’s been put into each custom garment & pattern we cut.

Your Custom Fitting

Your bespoke garment is ready


Step 6). 1st Fitting

We will arrange a fitting appointment with you so we can review the fit & pattern of your new bespoke garment with you.


Step 7). Adjustments

Any tailoring / adjustments are done onsite or locally and are turned around swiftly by expert craftsman.


Step 8). 2nd Fitting

The second fitting this is when your bespoke custom garment will really begin to take shape. It is not uncommon to repeat the 1st fitting if a little more shaping is required. We will do as many fittings as required to make sure you are happy with your custom hand made garment from a Hand Tailored Suit.

Garment Collection 

It’s time to take your custom bespoke masterpiece home

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Step 9). Your Final Fitting

It’s true there is no better feeling than going bespoke, having something that’s made just for you, designed to your unique body pattern and requirments with a little help from us of course! A garment should never wear you, you should wear a garment and enjoy the feel and compliments that a bespoke garment affords you. You will never shop off the peg again.

Repair, Adjust & Remake Policy