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The World Premiere of Netflix's "Red Notice": From The Film's Wardrobe to the Red Carpet

That's right, we have a new Netflix film to stick onto our screens when it's released this Friday (12th November 2021) called "Red Notice". The film stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in a comedy action film, as we see FBI agent John Hartley (played by Dwayne Johnson) join forces with fellow art thief Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) as they are on a mission to capture the top art thief, Sarah Black a.k.a The Bishop (Gal Gadot) - a red notice has been issued.

If the trailer and sneak peeks are anything to go by, we're in for a very entertaining film and of course, we here at A Hand Tailored Suit have certainly noticed a few sharp pieces of tailoring worn by the stars of the film (costume design by Mary E. Vogt). The world premiere red carpet for the film occurred only a few days ago but first, let's delve into some of the pieces from the film's wardrobe.

These are two of the most stand-out pieces worn by Reynolds and Johnson in the film, and as we approach the festive party season, it seems fitting to start with these suits. Reynold's character opts for a white dinner jacket with standard peak lapels not too wide as to distract from the shape of the jacket and the cuffs finished with fabric buttons. Paired with the jacket are a pair of smart black evening trousers cut slim and the hem finishing just below the tops of his shoes. The classic black cummerbund is styled around the waist to elongate the legs and tucked into that is a pleated evening dress shirt, the fastenings arranged in a covered button placket. His art thief character accessories with the classic bow tie and a black pocket square in the welt pocket folded neatly for a crisp finish.

Special Agent FBI John Hartley also knows how to dress for the occasion and the mission as here Dwayne Johnson's character opts for a rich brown dinner jacket with contrasting black satin details through the shawl collar and 4-button cuffs on the sleeves. It's a single button fastening as so keeping with the style of a dinner jacket, the thin double jet pockets subtle in the overall design and a curved hem, much like Ryan Reynold's jacket hem in this scene. His trousers are black with a subtle centre crease down the front and slightly tapered to the hem to allow for another sharp piece in the film. Johnson's hem just brushes the tops of his shoes also, accessorising only with a black bow tie underneath his standard collar evening shirt and the buttons on his white shirt on show. The welt pocket is not styled with a pocket square, and is certainly not needed: the jacket and the wearer speaks volumes.

 Along with a smart evening suit, Dwayne Johnson can be seen in the trailer wearing a tan brown leather coat, the length finishing middle of his thighs and the style of the piece giving an aged/distressed look overall. We can see on the coat short notch lapels and flapped pockets with the piece fitted closely on the shoulders. He styles the coat with a half-sleeve black turtle neck knit underneath and dark blue denim jeans for a very casual look but, as you can see above, is instantly made extra cooler with his shades as he steps out the car.

From a few sneak peeks that have been released prior to the film's release date, Ryan Reynold's character has also been spotted wearing a dark red/burgundy blazer with a badge emblem on the breast pocket and a two-button front. Notch lapels and what appears to be a gold lining inside makes up other tailoring features of the jacket as he wears a plain buttoned white shirt with a dark blue/black tie and casual trousers. It seems his character and Dwayne Johnson's end up in a slight fight scene where this and the FBI agent's leather coat are worn - interesting choices.

The characters seem to take a bit of an adventure too in the film as this still shows John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) and Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) dressed for the part. Reynolds wears a brown single-breasted waistcoat design with more practical elements for a scene like this. Possibly made from suede, it is high cut with small triangular flapped pockets near the bottom of the item, a notched hem and what looks to be another flapped pocket near the top. Underneath is a stone/beige shirt worn open collar and sleeves rolled up halfway. Johnson's costume here is another practical shirt choice with two buttoned-down box pleat pockets on the top and again worn open at the top with a standard collar and sleeves rolled halfway up. His cargo trousers are coral or similar in colour and again, button-down patch pockets included for what looks to be an action scene indeed.

Let's take a look into some of the attire the art thief Sarah Black (Gal Gadot) wears in the film. As we can see above, her attire with the khaki green gilet, grey cargo trousers and 3/4 length white shirt indicates she too will be facing Reynolds and Johnson in this same scene. The gilet appears to be a zip fastening or one which is prepared for extra movement with the placket doubled. Flapped patch pockets can also be seen on her jacket with shoulder epaulettes too and popper button fastening on the collar. Below we know already one of her costumes in the film is a stunning floor-length red gown with cut-out features on the bodice and a thigh-high split, but Gal Gadot's costumes also seem to include cool elements of tailoring too.

In this second promotional shot for the film, Gal Gadot can be seen wearing a double-breasted coat with a ribbed black knit underneath with a slightly heightened crew neck collar. The coat is certainly a statement through the colour blocking of the camel and black combined together for something very modern, particularly with the strong shoulder epaulettes and wide notch lapels. We shall soon find out if this piece is worn in the film by the actress but even if it isn't, it's so very stylish. Let's just take notice at Dwayne Johnson's three-piece brown Prince of Wales check suit styled with a navy shirt and pocket square in the welt pocket, along with Ryan Reynolds overcoat styled over his brown tweed Prince of Wales check jacket underneath with the lapel and collar popped for a dapper finish.

We definitely hope these three outfits are worn in the film, they're very fitting for this time of year too. It's also worth keeping an eye out for Gal Gadot's black overcoat with five buttons on the cuffs and silver buttons (possibly press studs) down the front with a padded shoulder line (see if you can spot it in the trailer!) With some great tailoring elements previewed so far in the film, the red carpet looks were just as great to see in L.A. Let's take a look at the trio's "Red Notice" red carpet outfits.

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For a formal occasion in the film she wears red and on the formal red carpet, Gal Gadot also wore red. Her dress dazzled under the lights as it was completed covered in red sequins with a curved scooped neckline and spaghetti straps. The length of the dress finished at the calf with a thigh-high split on the side which was outlined with a ruffle pleat for extra texture. There is a subtle drape to the other side of the dress which really enhances the shimmer of the gown: subtle yet very effective.

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Ryan Reynolds continued the theme of red through his three-piece corduroy suit, again a fitting cloth and texture for this time of year. His jacket is a notch lapel style with a two-button front and lined in dark brown, whilst also featuring a welt breast pocket and two double jet pockets. The buttonhole on the lapel is well defined through a lighter shade of red embroidery to ensure this detail isnt lost, whilst his charcoal grey shirt with a subtle blue tone is made with a short standard shirt collar, the cuffs ever so slightly shown through the bottom of the jacket sleeves. The waistcoat is also single-breasted with five buttons down the front and welt pockets included. The trousers are slim with the hem sitting level with the tops of his suede shoes and slanted pockets in the design for extra coolness. The tie is a deep red with thin diagonal stripes and a blue spot design for the finishing accessory of this relaxed yet smart red carpet look.

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Dwayne Johnson looked dapper for the premiere as he opted for a deep purple two-piece velvet number, styled with a crisp white shirt worn open collar. The shirt's cuffs are double cuffed and show through the bottom of the jacket sleeves, also finished with four buttons matching those on the front of the jacket. The front is a two-button style as he fastened and unfastened the top button during the red carpet, exposing the purple waistband on the trousers. The jacket has wide peak lapels to compliment the broad shoulderline whilst thin double jet pockets can be seen and a welt breast pocket. The trousers are slim and tapered sightly to the ankle as the hem finishes below the ankle, a good length to ensure his grey loafers aren't covered and an overall smooth finish.

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Take a look at the trailer for "Red Notice" starring Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson, due to be released on Netflix on 12th November 2021. Which outfits catch your attention?

Check out more from the premiere's red carpet here!

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