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The World Premiere of "Red Notice" on The Red Carpet: Who Wore What

Tomorrow (Friday 12th November 2021) is when Netflix's new film release "Red Notice" shall be available for us to watch and for that, we thought it would be good to delve more into the red carpet looks that were worn to the world premiere in Los Angeles on the 3rd November 2021. Dwayne Johnson's purple velvet, Ryan Reynolds' corduroy three-piece and Gal Gadot's red sequined premiere looks were very sharp of course!

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If you missed our last blog post about the film and its wardrobe, why not have a read here? There's some great tailored pieces featured!

Now let's take a look at who wore what and their cool tailored pieces during the "Red Notice" world premiere, starting with:

Tanoai Reed

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Actor and stunt-double of Dwayne Johnson (as well as his cousin) Tanoai Reed looked sharp in a rich red velvet dinner jacket, customised with contrasting black details through the satin peak lapels and contrasting jets above the flapped pockets. A welt pocket was also included in the design, styled with a folded patterned pocket square to add extra colour to the overall attire. Underneath he wore a black buttoned formal shirt with a red velvet bow tie and the black trousers slim lined with a slight break near the hem for a great dashing ensemble.

Chris Diamantopoulos

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Fellow actor Chris Diamantopoulos opted for a grey two-piece Prince of Wales check number and kept it classic on the red carpet, styling the look with an open collar white shirt and accompanying folded white pocket square in the welt pocket. Notch lapels, soft shoulders and 4-buttons cuffs also feature in the jacket design with an extra buttonhole on the end. The front is cut with a two button fastening and flapped pockets below the waist with the trousers straight cut with a sharp centre crease down the front.

Leonor Varela

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The actress looked modernly chic in her black evening two-piece as the contrasting satin lapel detail almost drapes down to tie off in the middle, making it a statement feature. The shoulders are well tailored and structured with the sleeves ever so slightly long and her trousers made with centre pleats down the legs. Slanted pockets appear to also feature on the trousers with the top edge bound to ensure they stand out, whilst the sides are finished with the tuxedo satin stripe and the trousers coming down to a gathered hem.

Carlacia Grant

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Actress Carlacia Grant certainly delivered on the red carpet as she wore a lovely light orange two-piece with a subtle bootcut shape to the trousers. Her jacket is double-breasted with a metallic button front and thin flapped pockets below the waist. Her peak lapels are wide as to rightly match the wide structured shoulders on the jacket and the peak lapels curve down gently to the centre front. As the jacket is finished with a black lining, the overall silhouette of the attire is elongated through the high waist on the trousers before styling with a lightweight pussybow blouse.

Skyh Alvester Black

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Actor Skyh Alvester Black was also there at the red carpet wearing a cool two-piece suit, worn with a tan brown roll neck underneath for that smart/casual balance at such an occasion. The suit itself is a very light shade of pink with pale buttons on the fastening to match the overall vibe of the piece. In his welt pocket is a light patterend pocket square too with an extra decoration on his left notch lapels to really lift the suit, the patch pockets also enhancing the casual side of the look. His trousers feature a subtle centre crease down the legs as the hem is tapered to the ankle, ensuring the tops of his shoes are not covered as they too, play a very stylish part in the look.

Lil Rel Howery

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Wearing blue on the red carpet was Lil Rel Howery, styling the suit with a black ribbed knit underneath and a slightly darker contrasting blue waistcoat, cut in a single-breasted form. The waistcoat itself included a 4-button front, all the buttons fabric covered and the centre line made with a subtle curved at the top, leading down to the notched hem. The sky blue jacket features notch lapels, welt pocket, thin double jet pockets and what appears to be 3-button cuffs on the sleeves. With a two-button front, the jacket hem leads down to the straight leg trousers with a centre crease and a break near the hem which sits over his white trainers - the shoes a nice partnership to the jacket's white lining.

Kika Silva

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Model and actress Kika Silva dazzled in a tailored green number at the premiere's red carpet as the suit's cloth shimmered elegantly. The jacket's design included peak lapels to balance the shoulders as her sleeves were worn pushed up halfway, the cuff still noticeable and creating a smooth line. With a two-button formation on the double-breasted piece, flapped pockets aligned level with the buttons and the hem straight with the centre front meeting at a sharp point. If the overall piece wasn't bold enough, the trousers definitely are as they are wide legged and long too with the hints of a centre crease just defined in the centre. With her pointed heels just showing through the hem, it's a chic finish overall.

Rawson Marshall Thurber

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Director Rawson Marshall Thurber attended the red carpet with his wife, Sarah Thurber, as he wore a double-breasted suit for the premiere of his film. The black suit cloth has a subtle shimmer to it, making it a great piece for such an occasion as the six-button front was fastened across the body with the one button. Wide peak lapels are the choice with the shoulders softly structured and a noticeable lapel buttonhole on his left side. With two flapped pockets also featured and a welt breast pocket, a ticket pocket was also included for an extra dapper touch. The trousers are cut slim with a centre crease and the hem just sitting on the tops of his shoes with a subtle break and, with his white shirt cuffs just showing through the jacket sleeves, the look was completed with a grey check tie and collar pin.

There were so many great tailoring attires at this red carpet to choose from, so below are a few more sharp looks too! Which ensemble was your favourite?

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In case you missed it, here's the trailer for Netflix's "Red Notice" to be released on 12th November 2021!

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