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A "Red Notice" Is Out - Including Some Cool Outfits

So the new Netflix film "Red Notice" is out and after a few days of its release on the streaming service, we've had the chance to sit and watch the main trio of the film in action. Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds take to the screen as Johnson's and Reynolds' character's (FBI agent John Hartley and prominent art thief Nolan Booth respectively) join forces to track down the top art thief in the world, Gal Gadot's character Sarah Black a.k.a The Bishop and be the first to find all three of the Ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra's golden eggs.

If you haven't seen the film yet (we shall try to avoid any spoilers) then you can be guaranteed for action, comedy and a jam-packed film. Here at A Hand Tailored Suit, we have already analysed some of the costumes and tailoring in the film before its release (if you missed it, click here) but upon watching, we've certainly noticed a few more sharp attires.

 We begin in Rome where Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds' characters first meet.

 To quote Nolan Booth in the film and in this scene, "it's a statement piece" and we have to agree. The pictures show Dwayne Johnson's character wearing a mid-length brown leather coat, styled with flapped pockets and buttons on the back to help maintain its fitted shape. On the front dark brown buttons for the fastening and short notch lapels which overall, do not distract slightly from the ageing and vintage look to the leather with its variation in tone across the piece. Underneath he wears with a black short-sleeved knit with a polo neckline which, paired with his dark trousers and shoes, creates a very cool persona to the character which he indeed has.

Continuing in Rome and we see Ryan Reynolds' character wearing a lovely beige/light green corduroy jacket which you can briefly see in the post above; but, what is even more clever about this jacket is the art thief is wearing a reversible jacket. We already analysed the burgundy jacket in our previous post but now we know it is indeed a reversible one. It's calmly switched by Nolan Booth in the film’s first chase scene, as he wears the jacket with a single cuff cotton white shirt with a classic collar and a clip-on tie as you'll see below. Very handy for an easy costume switch of course.

It's also worth noting the museum director's grey double-breasted suit in this scene too. A classic piece made from what looks to be a sharkskin weave cloth, quite sharp with the peak lapels and styled with a light blue shirt and single vent on the back of the jacket.


There are many locations in this film and we see a brief trip to Bali where Nolan Booth at his humble abode and keeping with the climate, he wears a floral patterned Cuban collar shirt, paired with white chinos that feature a rolled up hem for a very casual and relaxed finish. The shirt is short sleeved and the colours of the floral design range from pink to blue, in keeping with the warmer climate. His FBI counterpart John Hartley is also in the warm climate of Bali as he is spotted wearing a black cotton shirt, worn open collar for that casual feel too, and paired with beige chinos designed with slanted side pockets. (Make sure to spot these ensembles in the trailer at the end of this post!)

Now, from one art thief to the other Sarah Black a.k.a The Bishop, her style is quite monochrome through the film. She wears attires that only consist of one colour and this scene, we see her wearing a long-length black coat with its design quite military like with the silver metal buttons down the front. Wearing a black A-line dress underneath, the coat has great structured shoulders to establish her position as the number one art thief (much to Nolan Booth's disagreement). Other features of the piece include flapped pockets, numerous metal buttons on the cuffs and a tall single vent on the back which, as you will see in the film, really adds to the persona she holds.

But this isn't the only coat Gal Gadot's character wears in the film, as when in London, she wears a nude sleeveless high neck knit tucked into a tan knee-length skirt and, for the finishing touch, this brown mid-length coat finished with a fur trim on the cuffs and collar. It's very much a statement piece, light brown buttons chosen for the double-breasted coat fastening and with what looks like a snakeskin design very erratic on the coat.


 Moving straight from one scene to another, we find Nolan Booth travelling with John Hartley to Valencia to attend a masquerade ball hosted by Sotto Voce (played by Chris Diamantopoulos). Ryan Reynolds' short green jacket is quite stylish, designed with two button down flapped patch pockets on the chest and a standard shirt collar for the neckline. The shoulders are relaxed and with six popper buttons for the fastening, he leaves it unfastened to expose the dark blue speckled crew neck knit which, paired with the dark blue denim jeans, certainly makes for a cool casual look in Autumn.

As the trio reach Valencia for Sotto Voce's masquerade ball, let's take notice of Dwayne Johnson's and Ryan Reynolds' black tie attire once more. Both pieces are very sharp and sartorial with Johnson's brown dinner jacket with shawl collar and Reynolds' white dinner jacket with peak lapels and a pleated dinner shirt underneath, but the overall wardrobe spotted in this location was very cool. The extras in the film sported many three-piece or two-piece black tuxedos with white dress shirts and the compulsory black bow tie. With a mixture of notch and peak lapels on the dinner jackets too, it was rather an overall dashing scene.


But let's turn our attention to the host of this masquerade event in Valencia, criminal Sotto Voce, who too is on the hunt for the golden eggs. His presence as the host of the party is certainly made known through his attire, as he wears a black and gold textured dinner jacket with strong velvet detailing through the shawl collar and tall cuffs on the jacket sleeves. The jacket is double-breasted with black frog fastenings on the front for a prestigious look, styled with a matching cravat to his jacket and underneath, wears a black formal shirt with a black waistcoat. It's clear he knows how to look the part for a glamorous masquerade ball for sure.

From Valencia to Argentina, the action and adventure continues with Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson hunting down the Egyptian artefacts and dressed adequately for the terrain. As Reynolds wears a safari-style waistcoat with four pockets on the front and a stone safari shirt underneath, Johnson's attire is combined of a grey safari shirt rolled up to the elbows with orange cargo trousers with many pockets, the trousers including grey panelling on the knees - both showing a variety on what to wear for such an adventure.

With the hunt for Queen Cleopatra's three golden eggs the main plot of the film, it was in no doubt that we'd see the film end up in Egypt, where more black tie evening wear is worn. The eggs are to be delivered to an Egyptian billionaire who wants them for his daughter's wedding and we see the billionaire in question wear a double-breasted black tuxedo with a boutonnière worn on his peak lapel, along with singer Ed Sheeran (who does make an appearance in the film) wearing a black two-piece suit himself with peak lapels, thin double jet pockets a black dress-stud evening shirt.

 There's also a rather fun two-piece suit that Dwayne Johnson's character wears in this scene too, quite a bold cheetah/leopard print in pink over the main grey/blue cloth, styling this evening ensemble with a white open collar shirt and the jacket itself with a smooth shawl collar. Make sure to keep an eye out for that number in the clip below.

If you read our previous blog post prior to the film's Netflix release, you would have seen the trio wearing pieces including a three-piece Prince of Wales check suit, a navy overcoat and a modern trench coat - and do these pieces look very dapper in the film itself.

 If we begin with Nolan Booth's (Ryan Reynolds) attire first, he wears a dark navy/black overcoat with the collar popped for extra coolness, layered over his brown Prince of Wales blazer and accompanying rolled-up trousers. Like the wide overcoat notch lapel, the notch lapel on the jacket is also popped up and as well, the flapped pockets can be seen as well as the three-button fastening on the front. With a dark crew neck knit underneath the jacket, the attire works in coordination with John Hartley's (Dwayne Johnson) three-piece Prince of Wales check suit. The jacket has slightly rounded shoulders and notch lapels with flapped pockets, the hem finished with a nice curved line. The trousers are sharp with the centre crease and his waistcoat cut in a single-breasted style and high neck, his buttoned shirt worn open collar sitting over the top. The light blue patterned pocket square adds a pop to the suit and a certain definition, much like Sarah Black's (Gal Gadot) modern trench coat. Its style is rather chic and well enhanced with the asymmetric black panelling running from left to right downwards across the top of the coat. Its traditional in design with its double-breasted front, shoulder epaulettes and wide notch lapels with the storm flap, making the overall effect of the outerwear very strong.

There's certainly a strong and great range of tailoring to view in this film, including a check tweed waistcoat and trouser ensemble Ryan Reynolds also wears that's very fitting for this time of year. Let us know which attire was your favourite!

If you've not watched "Red Notice" on Netflix yet, check out the trailer below!

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