Mens Boho Glam Style | A Hand Tailored Suit

Mens Boho Glam Style

Mens Boho Glam Style     Boho chic style is very popular for weddings, it’s cool and relaxed. If you’ve chosen this style for your wedding, you are probably looking for ideas over the attire and decor, and we are here to help you! Please see some ideas to inspire you. Below is a stunning teal puppy tooth single breasted jacket worn with texture...
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White Bespoke Evening Wear | A Hand Tailored Suit

White Bespoke Evening Wear

When looking for the colour & style for your new bespoke evening wear, tuxedo, there isn’t much selection now on the high street which is a shame. It’s much easier to commission a tailor to custom make your wedding attire or new tuxedo for you. Most clients are shocked to see the prices these days. Over the last 10 years it has become a ...
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Contrasting Winter Waistcoats | A Hand Tailored Suit

Contrasting Winter Waistcoats

Our team of tailors & pattern cutters are currently working around the clock cutting and stitching wedding suits, take a look at some of the following contrasting waistcoats for inspiration like this medium blue cashmere and silk waistcoat below designed with grey and blue panel check jacket, worn with dark blue shirt and light brown tie, s...
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Ladies Velvet Styles | A Hand Tailored Suit

Ladies Velvet Styles

Being a bespoke tailor its always interesting when you look around for clothing fabrics and styles to build collections on. Velvet is a stunning cloth to work with but you need the right colour?. It has the weight to shape the perfect jacket & skirt or trousers. It’s also a cloth which can be worn casually or formally. #weddingsuiting #l...
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Ladies Be Brave Be Bold Custom Wedding Attire Ireland | A Hand Tailored Suit

Ladies Be Brave Be Bold Custom Wedding Attire Ireland

Ladies Be Brave Be Bold Custom Wedding Attire Ireland Ladies tailoring is back, I've spent my life in the tailoring industry, I have designed thousands and thousands of gents and ladies bespoke tailored garments, plus stunning communion suits I've designed everything from tailored shirts, jackets to chinos to shorts plus stunning contrasting w...
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Brocade and Jacquard Jackets and Waistcoats | A Hand Tailored Suit

Brocade and Jacquard Jackets and Waistcoats

Here we have a stunning brocade snowflake white shawl lapel jacket this jacket is a single button style with matching tie worn with a contrasting white pure wool shawl lapel waistcoat double breasted style, with a crisp Egyptian cotton bespoke shirt. Bespoke Jackets starting from £699 Bespoke Shirts from £100 and Bespoke Waistcoats from £...
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