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The Ladies of the 2022 Met Gala: Our Top 10 Looks

2nd May 2022 was the first Monday in May and the return of the annual - and highly extravagant - fashion event of the year: The Met Gala. Hosted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, many celebrities and designers took to the red carpet dressed in their interpretation of an assigned theme which this year, was the second half of a two-part instalment. (If you want to be reminded of the first part and last year's gala, check our blog here!) "In America: An Anthology of Fashion" saw the dress code of "white tie" and "gilded glamour", epitomising the gilded era of New York towards the latter part of the 19th century. The red carpet delivered ensembles that were certainly eye-catching, so here our are top 10 looks from the ladies of the 2022 Met Gala.

Taylor Hill

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Model Taylor Hill attended the 2022 Met Gala in a showstopping MISS SOHEE creation with a dramatic train draping behind her. The teal blue design followed through to the matching boots too which were fastened with cream ribbon lace, picking out this colour involved in the floral detailing. The dress underneath was strapless with a straight line across the top decorated with symmetrical beadwork and embroidered floral. Beautiful large flowers continued round the arms to the back, finishing above the large bow at the top of the eye-catching fabric train, heavily decorated with floral embellishment and embroidery. Her sleeves were slightly pushed up to showcase the natural shine of the fabric as the skirt split in the centre, allowing the train to really stand out.

Cardi B

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Rapper Cardi B dazzled in gold as she captured the glitzy theme in a Versace floor-length gown. The silhouette of the gown was a column style, constructed with a rounded neckline and thin straps leading round to the back. The fitted dress was heavily decorated in gold chains and Versace emblems, the same decorations and embroidery that continued onto the arms to make luxurious sleeves. The dress straps lead into this tall collar that's also made out of the same gold chains and embroidery, covering the rapper in glamorous gold.

Jessie Buckley

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Wearing a sharp Schiaparelli number to this year's Met Gala was actress Jessie Buckley, who opted for a three-piece striped black and white suitt with gold detailing. The jacket is fastened with a large gold button on the front and made with two large patch pockets also. The notch lapels are wide on the jacket itself which help to balance out the structured shoulders, decorated with white spirals on the edges. The spiral pattern is also included on the collar and act as the buttons down the sides of the jacket sleeves, making it a stand-out detail. Her single-breasted waistcoat sits high and is fastened with smaller golden buttons, finished with a wide striped tie behind that's secured underneath the tall shirt collar. The trousers are of a straight style and almost brush the floor to create this elongated silhouette.

Christine Baranski

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Actress Chrstine Baranski donned a dapper Thom Browne attire on the red carpet as her outfit included a caped tailored jacket worn over a crisp white shirt, scooped corset and long black sequinned skirt. Focusing on her sequinned jacket, this item was created with thin notch lapels and two flapped pockets, a ticket pocket also included in its construction. The welt pocket was styled with a folded white pocket square to accompany her bow tie that was worn around the winged collar. The floor-length splits in the sleeves aided in the cape illusion, allowing her sleeves to be on show and the white lining to stand out too. The corset is designed with a noticeable scalloped hem, very fitting with the theme as it sits over her sequinned skirt.

Madelaine Petsch

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Wearing Moschino to the Met Gala this year was actress Madelaine Petsch, whose gown was a strong combination of modern silhouette with vintage colours and textures. The top of the gown was designed with a subtle sweetheart neckline with a small cut-out section across the waist, creating the illusion of a separate top and skirt. The use of pleating and fabric manipulation were strong in this piece as the golden printed cloth was folded and pleated across the body down into a mermaid hem. The hem featured a small yet elegant train behind it to capture the theme and glamour, whilst the large puffy sleeves would certainly showcase the theme also.

Janicza Bravo

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Wearing Schiaparelli also on the red carpet was film director and producer Janicza Bravo, who sported a tailored ensemble from the fashion house. The black suit was decorated with gold details which includes five different square buttons on the cuffs, each showcasing a different design. Notch lapels were the preferred choice on this double-breasted jacket that was also finished with four larger square gold buttons on the front. The flapped pockets would indicate a hint of red lining underneath just for that minute pop of colour in the evening attire; but what made this suit quite smart was the unique gold print down the one lapel. spelling out the fashion house. The trousers sat high on the waist and were a slim style with a sharp centre crease. Bravo's shirt of choice was a crisp white design with gold studs and the collar folded up to allow the white bow tie to be on show.

Eva Chen

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Author Eva Chan stunned in an elegant Peter Do ensemble which consisted of a dress and tailored coat over the top. Looking to be champagne gold in colour, the dress underneath was designed with a sweetheart neckline and straight hem on the bottom, whilst the tailored coat dress worn over the top was the talking point. It featured wide peak lapels and subtle rounded shoulders, with the one side styled to create a one-shoulder dress illusion. The sleeves are 1/2 length with a thin black stripe don the side, leading into the sheer gloves worn. It's fastened with one-button and with flapped pockets either side, before leading down into a long fabric train draping gracefully behind, the smooth texture contrasting the sheer fabric pleating underneath.

Laura Harrier

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Actress Laura Harrier wore a custom gown from H&M to this year's Met Gala, designed with a ballgown-style skirt and a noticeable corset for the bodice. The cloth was a shiny dark silver floral print which gave a sharp metallic finish overall to the outfit, a feature that's enhanced through the chain trimming on the bodice. The placement of such detail really sharpens the shape of the corset, following round on the and leading down to the back. The gown is full at the waist to create this extra fullness in the skirt as she completes the look with long velvet gloves and pearls around her neck.

Danai Gurira

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Wearing Head of State on the red carpet was actress Danai Gurira, who stunned in an electric blue strapless ballgown. It combined structure and sophisticated glamour as the dress panelled dress was floor-length and defined by the tall pleated element sitting diagonally across the front. It completely covers the neckline of the gown, the pleating gathered to the one side and decreasing in size the further it travels up, a similar feel to a fan. The softness of the cloth is not disturbed by this shape, only enhancing the texture further to create a stunning piece.

Blake Lively

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Actress Blake Lively was co-chair of this year's Met Gala alongside her husband Ryan Reynolds; yet her custom Versace gown was what delivered the look of the night. At first, the copper/bronze gown is seen with a sharp neckline and fitted silhouette to create this column-style dress. She pairs it with matching gloves and a large bow that's full of shape and drama already before leading down into a large train; yet the bow was unravelled to reveal this stunning turquoise that lay underneath that and her gloves too. With the print on the front mirroring the New York skyline, the turquoise is said to represent the iconic Statue of Liberty. On the train were the finer details of embroidery that simply elevated this gown to be what was an absolute stunning moment at the 2022 Met Gala. Watch the video of the transformation below!

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